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Boston, Massachusetts 2020-12-16 04:20:14 –

Alright, let’s go! Hours away from the storm, finishing the snow lines. Early in the storm, the rain mixes and tries to raise my head, so I’m coming down to the South Shore and Cape wires. However, no major changes are expected elsewhere. This will be a big problem for many.

Tonight we will be the first to plunge into a storm. After 8 pm, the snow wall spreads from west to east, swallowing us with 1-2 inches of snowfall per hour. A brief period of storm is where the maximum lift in the atmosphere makes hay as it passes overhead.

By morning, a lump of snow will be revealed. The morning commute looks cluttered, but it’s feasible at many times. It’s still snowing, but it’s less intense. The wind can cause snowstorms, but visibility is acceptable. It’s a cliché, but if you need to travel, go slowly and easily.

By the afternoon, the snow will shrink into the narrow belts of the South Shore. This is known as marine effect snow. The storm continues to pull apart until evening, giving the plow time to catch up and finish the road.

Anyway, many will find them moving away on their snow feet (perhaps a little more on Worcester Hill). On the South Shore, southeastern Massachusetts, Cape and Islands, rain mixes and sneaks in during the night.

The wind increases throughout the night and lasts until morning. Gusts of 30-40 mph are common, with maximum wind speeds of 50-55 mph on capes and islands by noon tomorrow. Power outages can occur in the Cape, but you don’t have to worry too much elsewhere.

For many of us, temperature means that the snow becomes light and fluffy along the Rts. 3, 6, and Rt. Snow is more sticky at first, thanks to low temperatures in the mid-24s and mid-30s. It’s also here that we are worried about flash freezing when the cold rushes at the end of the storm.

Temperatures crash from near (or slightly above) below freezing to the late mid-twenties. Slashes and mashes from previous snow freeze hard and the roads become even more slippery.

We keep updating during the storm. Overcome the storm with us!

Snow Storm Starts Wednesday Evening in New England – NECN Source link Snow Storm Starts Wednesday Evening in New England – NECN

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