Snow totals for Nov. 24, 2021 – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-11-24 23:54:25 –

Denver — Denver recorded only a “trace” of snow, so the latest first snow streaks follow. However, a few inches of white fell on Wednesday around the metropolitan area and in the mountains.

As long as Denver International Airport continues to record less than 0.10 inches of snow, Denver will Extend that record For the latest first measurable snowfall. Wednesday was probably the last chance Denver had to see the snow in November as dry Scheduled for next week, According to the National Meteorological Service.

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Below is the total amount of snow on November 24, 2021. Report to the National Meteorological Service As of 9:45. Wednesday afternoon. This story will be updated as more snow reports arrive.

5W West Cliff-6 inches
2SSE Brickenridge-5.9 inches
4 WSWWestcreek-5.8 inches
4 WArvada-5 inches
1ENE Fraser-5 inches
4N Florissant-4.8 inches
1WSW Rye-4.2 inches
Golden-4 inches
Call Bank Pass-4 inches
Red Mountain Pass-3.5.inch
4E Camp Bird-3 inches
4SSW Canon City-3 inches
Moras Pass-3 inches
1 WSW Rosita-2.8 inches
1SSW Crescent Village-2 inches
1WSW Woodland Park-2 inches
3NNE Air Force Academy-2 inches
2NNE Monument-1.5 inch
3 WNWArvada-1.2 inch
Ward-1 inch
Evergreen-1 inch
3NE Silver Cliff-1 inch
3ESR Canon City-8 inch
1N Castle Lock-.7 inch
1 SSWArvada-.5 inch
Alvada. -. 5 inches
Westminster-.5 inches
Netherlands-.5 inches
1 Northwest Bloomfield-.3 inches
Highlands Ranch-3 inches
3NNW Loan Tree-.3 inches
3SSW Boulder-.2 inches

Snow totals for Nov. 24, 2021 Source link Snow totals for Nov. 24, 2021

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