So Sally Rooney’s racist?Only if you choose to confuse fiction with facts | Nick Cohen

NSSocial media did not create informants or liars. Malicious people have always created criticism, and the literal mind has always confused nuances with sin. The web simply supercharges one of those tragic moments in history, where deliberate ignorance and lively malice are rewarded rather than despised.

In an optimistic era, you can almost sympathize with the character assassin.of The general public, Sally Rooney Her female leader makes her think that cruelty hurt not only the victim, but also the perpetrator, perhaps deeper and more permanently. Victims may get over it. Abuses must always live with the knowledge that they are thugs.

Rooney released The general public In 2018, the cancellation culture changed from a side show to a fierce exploration movement. If the perpetrator is “deeper and more permanently hurt” than their target, the pain does not temporarily delay the transmission of half-truth and complete falsehood.

Rooney provides an example of how malicious intent can dress in virtue.Because she has New novel Out, she moved into the gaze of a rich world commentary bureau. How can you make one person in the spotlight stand out in the face of so much competition? Today we have an off-the-shelf answer: Suggest that your target is a racist. Even when the accusations are clearly wrong, the level of “progressive” western horror that editors and readers will find all sorts of excuses for biting their tongue is.

NS Sydney Morning Herald, Whose Code of ethics It made a long attack on Rooney, boasting “I don’t want to be misleading” and “I’m not interested in being satisfied with generous abuse.” Its commentator, Jessie Tu, spends her time bragging about how brave she is to defy the consensus that Rooney is an interesting writer, and then announces:The general public There is no one like me in the world of Rooney, so you should be called white. In this book, Asians are only mentioned as tourists who block the paths of Italian museums. “I don’t know why we are bothered by Venice. Venice is full of Asians who take all the pictures,” whispers one of the male characters.

When the work appeared, I was reading the novel and found anti-Asian sentiment. They come from a nasty guy, Jamie. Rooney portrays him as a spoiled, sadistic rich child. His casual racism is completely personal. The most obvious stupid mistake a critic can make is to confuse the author with her personality. NS HeraldCritics do just that. I read and wondered if there was more than just ordinary stupidity on display. In this book, Jamie is immediately blamed. A man having lunch with him said, “God forbids you to have to meet Asians … it’s a kind of racist, you just say about Asians. That’s it. “

The obvious malice here lies in the seeming assumption that the author is her character, coupled with the omission of inconvenient evidence from the text. Racist charges are allowed to be prolonged, so the book “two white, healthy, beautiful heterosexuals pondering how difficult it is to be white, healthy, and straight.” Can be described as a story (this is not the case) t either).

Occasionally, when trying to talk about progressive witch hunting, you’ll come across a reaction that you should focus your energy on a malicious actor with real power on the right. I do, but authoritarian conservatives are stronger than progressive conservatives in Britain, not in Nicola Sturgeon’s Scotland, to wipe out dissident voices from the BBC and government agencies. I’m using it for.

But this is not very reprimand. You should be able to counter the worst of the left and right at the same time. It is completely indisputable to claim that you are justified in selective ethics because you are morally equivalent to Boris Johnson.

In any case, the ability of the force to do harm is relative. It depends on where you are standing. In most liberal cultural industries, the fear of public shame by progressives is far greater than the fear of national punishment. That’s one thing if shame is justified, but what if the accusations are wrong?

These are questions that are almost impossible to answer today. The Human Resources Department and police never give access to files to researchers who want to distinguish between true and false complaints. However, the public archives of 20th-century dictatorships provide clues to the consequences that allow blame to prosper regardless of the truth.

Historian who investigated the file of Gestapo Nazi Germany estimates that personal malice motivated 40% of the criticisms of the secret police. Today I hear a faint echo of this.In Competitive publishing marketPublic political anger can provide a cover for eliminating rivals or for simple literary jealousy. In one delicious case in the United States, a writer who canceled his contemporaries by diverting a gay theme diverted the genocide of Muslims in the Balkan Peninsula and used them as the background for a cute love story. I had to withdraw my book when I was accused of doing so.

In Britain, many writers are aware of the silence of literary organizations with minor cultural bureaucrats.They intended to protect the writer without fear or favor, but could not blame the wave of death And rape Threats to JK Rowling..

[AstudyofcommunistEastGermanycoveringthe44yearsfromthecollapseofHitlerin1945tothefalloftheBerlinWallin1989isequallysuggestiveHistorianHedwigRichter[1945年のヒトラーの崩壊から1989年のベルリンの壁崩壊までの44年間をカバーする共産主義東ドイツの研究も同様に示唆に富んでいます。歴史家のヘートヴィヒ・リヒターは、East Germans informed When each other was unsolicited and had no legal obligation to eavesdrop. Their accusations gave them the hope that the state could look at them kindly and “avoid potential problems and misunderstandings in the future.” The urge to please is less dramatic, but a more permanent danger of heretical hunting on the left (and right) side. Frightened people go with them for fear of being accused of being mavericks otherwise. The result is a sterile, adaptable culture underneath, while the surface looks confident. You don’t have to look far to find it. It’s around you.

So Sally Rooney’s racist?Only if you choose to confuse fiction with facts | Nick Cohen

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