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Fresno, California 2021-06-10 03:10:27 –

New York–For the first time since 2017, Americans can see a solar eclipse from their backyard.

Early in the morning of Thursday, June 10, the moon blocks the sun and casts a shadow on the earth.

In Canada, Greenland, and parts of northern Russia, you can see the “ring of fire,” or annular solar eclipse. According to NASA, the moon is so far from the earth that it cannot completely block the sun, creating the illusion of a “dark disc on top of a larger bright disc” in the sky.

This entire road is so narrow that only an estimated 20,000 people live on it.

I’m still looking forward to the sub-Arctic Skygazer. Partial solar eclipses are found in the northeastern United States, eastern Canada, northern Asia, and northern Europe.

According to NASA, this means that it only partially blocks the sun’s rays, as if the moon had absorbed the sun’s rays. During the solar eclipse, in some parts of the United States, the sun appears to be a crescent, but has no “Ring of Fire” effect.

Unlike last month’s lunar eclipse, which dazzled the West Coast, next week’s celestial events can be seen in the southeastern, northeastern, midwestern, and parts of northern Alaska in the United States. According to NASA, solar eclipses occur before, during, and immediately after sunrise.

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The solar eclipse begins at 4:12 AM EST and ends at 9:11 EST. According to Farmers’ Almanac, the maximum eclipse time varies from place to place.

For example, in New York City, a maximum solar eclipse is seen at 5:35 am, covering 73% of the sun. The sunrise is just a few minutes ago, at 5:24 am.

The total solar eclipse seen from Chicago obscures 82% of the Sun during peak hours, but the end of the solar eclipse occurs only after sunrise at 5:15 am.

Astronomers emphasize that it is safe to see this eclipse, but only when using eye protection such as “eclipse glasses” or solar filters.

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Solar eclipse June 2021: How to watch, where ‘Ring of Fire’ is visible Source link Solar eclipse June 2021: How to watch, where ‘Ring of Fire’ is visible

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