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Solar panels help fuel and educate VB school – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-09-13 17:31:29 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) —There are many forms of learning, but if you look at some schools in Virginia Beach, you can’t see that they offer the most education.

A school is opened at Ocean Lakes Elementary School and you can feel the energy.

“That’s great,” said Dr. Lindaris, principal of Ocean Lakes Elementary School.

You can see it too, but only from another perspective.

“I want them to come here instead of showing them pictures so they can actually see them,” Reese added.

The roof has undergone a renewable change.

“There are many,” Reese said. “It covers everything. The gymnasium roof is also covered with panels.”

To be precise, there are 1,030 solar panels. It’s a new life for an old building and the first for all 86 Virginia Beach schools.

“We are a zero energy school and it’s a great building 32 years ago,” Reese added.

“The panels in this building generate about 110% of the energy used by this building,” said Tim Cole, Virginia Beach School’s Head of Sustainability. “That means there is no utility invoice at the end of the month.”

The district pays about $ 15 million annually for electricity. Any savings will help.

“This is a big first step for us … how to better handle emissions, carbon-based emissions, and the transition to more renewable energies,” Cole added. .. “This is the first big step. We’ve been talking about it for a long time.”

Solar panels will soon be added to other schools, meaning energy will be sustainable and education will be sustainable.

“It’s really great to know that all this unused space has been used for something really good,” Reese said.

Renaissance Academy is another school that uses solar. With 2,000 panels on the roof, it will soon be the second Net Zero School on Virginia Beach.

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Solar panels help fuel and educate VB school Source link Solar panels help fuel and educate VB school

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