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Boulder County, Colorado — Water scarcity in the country affects how and what farmers can grow, but increases crop yields and reduces the amount of water farmers need to use. There is a new farming method.

It is called agribol tyx. It combines solar panels and agriculture in one space.

“There is nothing else in this country like what we are doing here.” Jack’s Solar Garden Boulder County, Colorado.

Jack’s Solar Garden is the largest agricultural land in the country. It produces enough power for 300 homes. The food grown on the farm is managed by Sprout City Farms, a non-profit organization that helps improve food access to communities in need.

“We plan to grow about 12 different crops this year,” says Meg Caley. Sprout City Farm.. “The main point of such an agricultural power generation project is to put sustainable renewable energy and sustainable food production in the same place so that their dual use can be derived from the land.”

Caley and her team have found that crops grow better behind solar panels. It’s a cool environment, but when the panel tilts, the sun goes down all day.

“Something like green-arugula, kale, something like that, they love it, they love this environment. Last year, kale was waist-high,” Kaley laughed.

Caley and her team have created instruction manuals on how to best grow crops under the panel for sharing with other farmers. Researchers at universities and other groups across the country work in solar gardens to support the perfect recommendation of a particular crop.

“Depending on how the panel tilts throughout the day, the amount of all sun and shade will be different. Therefore, prepare all three beds and put them and the same crop in each section, how they differ. We will be able to study this, “says Caley.

This agriculture not only helps grow more crops, but also saves thousands of gallons of water.

“We can pave the way for other farmers and they don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” Cary said.

In addition to the environmental impact, the economic impact helps Kominek maintain the land of his family.

“Hey didn’t actually pay the invoice. Even with the invoice, I thought Solar might be a way to make a little more money for my family,” Kominek said.

These panels collect more energy as they help the plants keep the panels cool.

“Jack’s Solar Garden is what our federal government wants to see reproduced elsewhere, so it’s very nice to see it,” Kominek said.

“Panels are more productive, land is more productive, and everyone wins,” Kaley said.

Today’s victory could mean that our food supply and our family’s farms will survive for years to come.

Jack’s Solar Garden offers a weekly tour, click Here For more information.

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