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Peter Wyman and his wife love Cape and the new home they built there.

“She’s been adding furniture while we’re here,” Peter said.

His wife was looking for a particular piece – and eventually found it in a specialized furniture store.

Peter said, “My wife was basically looking for a chest to close the room. The piece was in stock and known for its good quality. We thought of good service and at the end of January this year. I ordered from. ”

The price of the chest was $ 1,800.

Wymans deposited 50% as a deposit.

“And it was advertised to be available within 13 weeks,” Peter said.

But when the company didn’t contact them three months later, they were worried.

Peter said, “We contacted in April. I wanted to know where this chest was and when it was delivered, and it probably worked a month later.”

After another 30 days without delivery, they noticed something was wrong.

Peter said: They kept telling her that there were 30 days left each time. “

The company accused COVID of delaying delivery, but promised to work to fulfill the order.

“So this continued in May, June and July. At that point we just felt we were taking a detour. That was when I called it Solve It 7.”

We contacted the company and the Chief Operating Officer was promised to contact Wymans.

Peter said: “Miraculously, this piece was delivered to our home nine days later. My wife has already decorated it well-so fast and this if we weren’t involved in SolveIt 7. It wouldn’t have happened as efficiently.

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