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Avon, Massachusetts. (WHDH)-Spend a minute with Gordon and you can see their love!

“We had chemistry, I like to talk, and she likes to listen,” Carson said.

“And I like to laugh and he’s very funny,” Lovern said.

A few years ago, they also found a house they loved.

“I was looking for a house with special features, garden space, and a man’s cave basement, which has all of the above,” Carson said.

They loved the house, but they didn’t like the driveway.

“The driveway was one lane and was quite broken, so there were a lot of dents, cracks and unevenness,” said Lovern.

So last year, they hired a company to refurbish the driveway and expand it to fit two cars. The cost was $ 5,600.

The company did the job, and things looked great.

However, a few days later, Gordon realized that part of the pavement began to sink and the driveway was actually too narrow.

“The driveway wasn’t wide enough, it was about 20 feet,” Carson said.

Gordon paid 22 feet wide.

They called the company and were told that someone would come to see them.

But after waiting for weeks, no one came.

Lovern said: They put us on the back burner. “

Tired of waiting, Gordon was called Solve It 7.

When I contacted the pavement company at the end of last year, it was said that the response time was delayed due to the pandemic due to bad weather.

They promised to fix things when the weather got warmer.

And when spring came, they did!

“I’m very happy that you stayed on top of them, and now you can fully enjoy the full-span, fixed driveway without sink spots,” Lovern said.

Pave the way for a happy ending.

“We wouldn’t have been here without SolveIt7. Thank you very much!” Lovern said.

Do you have a problem that you can’t solve yourself? Send an email to or call 617-367-7777.

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