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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-02-23 20:28:14 –

“And because the COVID was a hit, we couldn’t really do much,” he said.

“I know the pandemic is a reality, and I’m working — I’m in the ICU and see people with COVIDs and dying in isolation,” Logan’s father said. Scott Fuller said.

However, Fuller said he believes it is possible for athletes to continue to participate in sports in a safe way for COVID.

“The best thing for these kids is scholars and athletics, which we know can be done safely,” he said.

To continue playing football, Logan moved to IMG Academy in Florida.

“My dream is probably to play in Oklahoma State Football, or Texas A & M. I got a list like five schools,” he said.

Logan, who currently lives 1,500 miles away from his father, said leaving the state is the best way to pursue his goals, not just him.

“They want to go, and they gave us a fervent plea to move away,” said Sarah Limon, the mother of the two APSs.

Limon, a lifelong New Mexican, told her that her two children, Jack and Lucy, told her they wanted to leave the state.

“When you raise your kids wherever you like, it’s really hard to hear them talking so negatively about it,” she said.

You can’t move your family, but Limon said he’s at the center of the “Let Them Play” court battle. Currently, through GoFundMe, we are raising funds aimed at helping children enjoy school sports before returning home. Face-to-face learning.

“It’s working fine everywhere else. I think we need to do a little less fear-based and a little more logic based on what we know will work,” she said. Said.

More New Mexicans are looking for opportunities elsewhere as they prepare for a long court battle to begin.

“I looked up what I needed to do to achieve my goal, and this was the way to do it,” Logan said.

KOB 4 contacted the Governor’s Office to find out where she stands on the separation of sports and hybrid learning. A spokeswoman sent the following statement: “If the school district does not have, or does not have, the means and resources to safely rejoin the classroom environment, the state can support surveillance testing, among other things. The public essential to keep educators and students safe. New Mexicans, a hygiene initiative, have the right to ask them how to manage a safe sports environment. “

Some APS athletes leave New Mexico to play sports elsewhere Source link Some APS athletes leave New Mexico to play sports elsewhere

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