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Some employers erring on side of caution navigating masks, vaccines during COVID-19 variant surge | Business – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-07-29 19:00:00 –

Some Baton Rouge companies have relaxed coronavirus-related restrictions in stores and restaurants and have taken steps to bring workers back to the office, resulting in a slight reduction in comfort levels.

For others, it is their belief that special attention is paid throughout many of the pandemics, fueling concerns that people will hunt again in an environment with vaccinated / mixed bags COVID-19. I am not upset by the surge in cases. I am unvaccinated and wearing a mask.

“My hope and prayer is that no matter what we do, we will not return to the state of March and April 2020, when the entire economy was closed due to the impact on many families, industries and jobs. “Tee said. Brown, president of GMFS Mortgage, has had 200 employees working from home since March 2020, with only 15% of regular office visits as last month.

Chelsea Thibodeaux, a spokeswoman for Perkins Rowe, said the vast majority of shopping center companies require employees to wear masks. Some companies follow federal CDC guidelines and require unvaccinated customers to wear masks, but none of the companies she talked to require it.

“We are unaware of the decline in customers,” she said in a Delta Variant-led resurgence.

Murphy Law Firm in Button Rouge has decentralized offices, providing ample space for private offices rather than the concept of an open workspace. Partner Peyton Murphy said the office itself had moved to remote areas for just 26 days early in the pandemic, wearing masks, socially distant, and vaccinated. ..

“I think we can work together (directly) effectively without exposing each other,” Murphy said. “We really work together as a unit. We needed to get everyone back. We often discuss with ourselves how to understand legal issues.”

“At first I went a little overboard (I put on the mask and kept it away). Now I leave it to my personal choice and no one is hospitalized,” Murphy said of the mask and vaccine. rice field. “But many clients have already worn masks and here are some.”

“I think everyone is a little crazy. Protect the most vulnerable, and it will solve many problems with hospital overcrowding and death. To others. Be polite and just wear a mask, “Murphy said.

In general, GMFS employees are “very talented and able to work more efficiently at home,” said Brown, who also recognizes the value of the office environment.

The company worked directly for two consecutive days earlier this month to promote a united workplace culture and promote teamwork.

“We realized that it would probably be our least productive day, but I think it’s worth it from a cultural point of view, where everyone meets new people and fosters relationships. It was very successful, “Brown said.

For now, future dates are tentative in response to the spread of Delta variants, he said, and the company will not cooperate directly until at least September. Allowing telecommuting allows the company to hire workers in other states such as Tennessee, Michigan, and California.

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“We don’t expect to return to the office in the long run near what we experienced near March 2020, many of which are employee-related,” Brown said. “It’s very beneficial to work in their home. After doing it for 15 months, if we obliged us to return to the office full-time, it would be more destructive and (we) than I think we’ll have a high turnover rate. That’s all, we invite (remote workers from other states) quarterly to work directly. “

Brown himself is vaccinated and encourages vaccination, but that is not a requirement at work, he said.

For Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Louisiana’s leading employers, more than 90% of employees work remotely.

“We haven’t fully reopened our office yet,” said Cindy Wakefield, a spokesman for health insurance company.

Everyone working in the office needs a mask while the organization closely monitors the public health situation.

“Our clinical leaders are closely monitoring the pandemic and current surge. We recommend that all qualified Louisianas be vaccinated. If you have questions about vaccines, your healthcare provider Please talk with us, “said Wakefield.

and Pimanyoli’s Sidewalk Café“I’m a little nervous,” said owner Yolanda Perrilloux. The Airline Highway restaurant said it has reduced traffic and increased take-out orders, but it’s unclear if the cause is an increase in the number of COVID cases or an increase in the number of people taking it. The end of summer vacation. “It’s hard to find the cause,” Perillo said.

Other local restaurants said they were unaware of the changes in their business due to all the new incidents.

General Manager, Casey Evans DiamansHe said that more and more customers are wearing masks these days. After the parish-wide mask obligation was lifted three months ago, he said people “almost stopped wearing them.” However, for many years Jefferson Highway Diner has not been flooded with takeaway orders or reduced customers.

Joshua Hebert, General Manager and Executive Chef Roux 61 Seafood & Grill, He said he has not seen recent changes in the number of executed orders. He said the takeaway business at the Bluebonnet Boulevard restaurant has increased by 30% to 35% since the start of the pandemic. At the same time, Hebert said the number of people eating at restaurants was “as busy as ever.”

Hebert said he expects more takeaway orders as people become more hesitant to eat in restaurants due to an increase in COVID cases.

“We play it every day to see if we have new obligations,” he said.

Some employers erring on side of caution navigating masks, vaccines during COVID-19 variant surge | Business Source link Some employers erring on side of caution navigating masks, vaccines during COVID-19 variant surge | Business

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