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Some gas stations in Las Vegas out of gas – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-07-18 20:55:39 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Going to a pump can surprise you today as you may not have petrol!

Some residents have reported that some gas stations are out of fuel in the valley of Las Vegas.

Most people can find the type of gas they need at another gas station, but the situation is already causing confusion among residents and tourists.

Raphael Levi needed gas for his taxi. He was in a hurry and couldn’t see the sign that there was no gas in front of him. Only after seeing the gas pumped up did I realize that there was no gas available.

“Where do you put the gas in? I have to go back to the yard, it’s ridiculous,” Levy said.

He wasn’t the only one surprised at this gas station because it had diesel and no petrol.

“I’m looking for gas. I’m on my way home from LA. I need to find gas, but obviously I’m not here,” said tourist Sean Han.

“I’m lucky to drive the Prius, but I still feel that the Prius has too much gas, so if I’m told I don’t have gas, I have to go see it,” said Gebrechwottville.

Some gas stations only sell premium or regular petrol.

AAA Nevada says it’s not running out of gas, it’s running out of truck drivers

“As drivers continue to be scarce and unavailable, AAA clearly recommends not to wait until just before fuel is needed. Eventually drive to one or two gas stations. It may be necessary to do so. AAA Nevada spokesman Sergio Avila said:

High gas demand also does not help, but this is expected to result in a temporary gas shortage in the valley.

“Even with this driver shortage, many of the shortages seen at gas stations are short-term confusions, some of which can be resolved in a matter of hours to a day, so there’s one thing I want to put out there. Paul Enos, Chief Executive Officer of the Nevada Trucking Association, said:

There are many stations where gasoline is available, but it is unknown how long it will take. Still, it’s best not to store gas. This can lead to more problems, such as rising gas prices.

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