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Some idiot DUI’d Char Bar’s front door. Do you know them? Tell them they suck. – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-05-04 01:27:12 –

Do you all enjoy having a place for Charber? How much? Do you think you’re so grateful that you don’t cultivate a car at 40 mph? Good. You will be a good person.

good. I’m glad I heard it.

A car was pushed into the charver on Sunday night after 2am. Do you agree that you love Char Bar? Do we agree that CharBar doesn’t like hitting cars? It’s cool.

For some reason, the driver accelerated to an estimated speed of 40 mph, as it was only worth a few hundred feet on the street. This too should mean that it’s on a partition street and no one should get it … at any level of momentum. Sure, I didn’t come to the table here.Img 9908

From 2am to 2:30 am on Sunday, a car was pushed in front of the Westport barbecue staple. There are many issues surrounding this. Obviously, the first being is the one who plows his car into the charver, like real shit. That’s where we are starting. You are? What if you are reading this? Please fuck yourself.

The rest is easier. The Red Dodge Charger collided with the side of the building between 2am and 2:30 am on Sunday morning. The driver bumped into the side of the building. Deployed airbag; hit her face. Perhaps a woman in her teens or twenties got out of the car. She put her hand on her hips, confused by what happened in this scenario. next. She returned to the car and departed again.

again. She crashed into a restaurant across her ass. And I pretended that this was okay. It’s not okay.

so. That is a thing.

Charver is currently successful in accepting customers through side doors. Everyone involved is upset by the series of situations that have just occurred. Especially from the complete annihilation of the beloved storefront, which is somehow ignored by who appeared today.

again. Red Dodge Charger. Probably someone who has never done this. None of this is intended to attract people or impose unjustice. There are people here who need our help. And who annihilated just one of our favorite barbecue spots you know.

No one sells out here pitch.. Do you know except when you endanger all our friends? Then you can go sexual intercourse on your own.

More information is inbound, but what if you have a red charger neighbor where a real shit show is happening? Tag it.

Call that Kansas police A group of friends.

I’ll update this with new information as it comes in.

Some idiot DUI’d Char Bar’s front door. Do you know them? Tell them they suck. Source link Some idiot DUI’d Char Bar’s front door. Do you know them? Tell them they suck.

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