Some worry St. Paul Port Authority is not listening to community hopes for Hillcrest

2021-10-15 20:29:54 –

As passenger cars passed the rolling hills and trees everywhere on the former Hillcrest Golf Course this week, the East Cider inside shared fears of the future on the 112-acre site. It was pushed into the area by its developer, the Port Authority of St. Paul.

Rather, residents said they wanted a diverse and eclectic area that blended housing, public spaces and entrepreneurship with the site’s existing landscape.

“The community wants a vibrant area with everything,” said Jan Leadholm, who continues to say that locals need a community center, a new library, an ice cream shop, and a variety of housing options. I am.

But based on early plans, regional real estate broker Seanne Thomas said, “The campus will be filled with one-story facilities with houses on the edge.”

The Hillcrest site, on the northeastern corner of St. Paul, is one of the city’s largest redevelopment targets. In addition, the Port Authority, which purchased for $ 10 million, aims to build 1,000 homes and at the same time attract companies that offer 1,000 jobs. Beyond that, there are many plans and community opinions that have not yet been implemented and collected, said Port spokeswoman Andrea Novak. She said the fear that Hillcrest would become a boring beige industrial park that lacked the opinion of the neighborhood was irrelevant.

“We are listening to the opinions of the community. What they say is important,” Novak said to discuss housing, sustainability, the types of work that comes to the scene, and the equipment that will be created. He added that the workgroup will start the meeting in January. When the master plan is created, it will probably be spring. “All these ideas are collected and used in the process.”

She said it was premature to complain that the Port Authority hadn’t heard.

Just a few acres smaller than the site of the former Ford factory in St. Paul’s Highland Park, now known as the Highland Bridge, a common complaint is that Hillcrest isn’t on track for redevelopment. Is to look like.

The city took 10 years to create a Ford Sight Master Plan featuring 40 new urban blocks with various housing options and commercial spaces, numerous parks, and even man-made streams. All of this is after extensive involvement with neighbors and community groups.

According to Thomas, it’s not very similar for Hillcrest. She said there was one park being discussed. The hill will be flat. The tree has been deleted.

“The difference between what they do on Ford’s site and what they want to do here is terrible unfairness,” she said. “It’s a slap on our face.”

Port Authority has given a pandemic-only face-to-face presentation over the past year, but some offer slightly different scenarios that combine some light industrial facilities on the site with high-density housing elsewhere. I have created a general schematic of. Said Benjamin Werner, Director of Housing Judiciary Programs at the Eastside Freedom Library.

According to Werner, the plan currently requires only about 100 homes that families earning 30% of the median income in the region can afford. This is just part of what the city and the East Side need. He said the focus of Hillcrest should be to build virtually more “affordable homes” and provide a combination of incubator business spaces that attract entrepreneurs, but the Port Authority simply workers. Are afraid to bring companies to move from other facilities.

“I think Hillcrest should have a job,” Werner said. “But if you bring 1,000 jobs to the Hillcrest site and don’t go to community members, there are no local employment requirements and you haven’t paid a living wage, you have no jobs to bring to the site. For the community. I’m going to do anything. “

Port Authority officials said the site hoped to serve as a kind of return to the days when workers lived within walking distance, but Werner said the company would hire locals. He said the request had not been presented so far.

“I’m just saying that the situation isn’t enough,” he said. “I need a better plan.”

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Some worry St. Paul Port Authority is not listening to community hopes for Hillcrest Source link Some worry St. Paul Port Authority is not listening to community hopes for Hillcrest

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