Someshwar Waterfall

Someshwar Waterfall

                           Someshwar Waterfall

The city of Nasik in Maharashtra is blessed with natural beauty. The entire city is enveloped by beautiful lakes, hills, waterfalls, forests etc. one can say that Nasik houses a hidden natural treasure as some of the places are not very well known to people. Someshwar Waterfall or Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of the beauties of this place.

The holy River Godavari flows in Nasik. Someshwar Waterfall is formed over this very river. This river has a lot of importance in Hindu Mythology. Several temples are also erected on the banks of this river. Overall Nasik is one place in India where one can find a variety of tourism options. 

More about Someshwar Waterfall

Someshwar Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra. The height of the waterfall is 10m. This waterfall is situated near the Someshwar Temple. When in here one can enjoy the beauty of this fall as well as if you are inclined on the spiritual side then a visit to Someshwar Temple is a must. In addition to the Someshwar Temple there also exists another Balaji Temple nearby.

Things to do at Someshwar Waterfall

Someshwar Waterfall is a go to destination in Nasik. It is a relaxing escape from one’s busy life. People come here during weekends to enjoy with friends and family. Idle walks and chats with loved ones brings solace to people when in here. Youngsters love to spend a relaxed evening at Someshwar Waterfall.

Someshwar Waterfall is a popular picnic spot too. Winters are crowded with people. People from different parts of Nasik and Maharashtra come here with their picnic baskets. The sunny mornings and afternoons of the winter season feels soothing here.

Someshwar Waterfall is also a wonderful photography spot. The dazzling waters of the falls is worth being captured. The sight of sunlight as well as moonlight falling on the falls is breathtaking. The natural aura of this place and the divine landscapes present in here makes this place a heaven for photography fanatics.

Nature lovers or nature enthusiasts must visit this place. The peaceful environment here and the lush greenery is the perfect combination of these people. One can even do trekking with friends here. Someshwar Waterfall has several adventures for its visitors. Winters are ideal for trekking as the rainy season can be a bit risky. So, this coming winter grab a backpack and go on a trek with friends to Someshwar Waterfall.

Monsoons are beautiful at Someshwar Waterfall. This place is soaked in the bounty of nature at this time of the year. One can visit Someshwar Waterfall just to experience the spectacular sight exhibited by this place during monsoons. It will indeed be a memorable experience.

After enjoying the beauty of Someshwar Waterfall one can visit the nearby Balaji Temple too.

A Tourist’s Guide

Someshwar Waterfall is 9 km away from Nasik bus station. One can also find other means of transport like auto and cab service to and from here. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station. It is at a distance of 19.4 km from here. The nearest airport from here is Gandhinagar Military Airport which is 15.4 km away.

If you are planning to stay the night when in here then you can browse in the abundant hotel options available in the city of Nasik. One can book rooms both online and offline.

Someshwar Waterfall is a one of the popular tourist destinations in Nasik. One gets an opportunity to explore the treasures of nature when n here. So, when in Nasik do visit Someshwar Waterfalls.

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