“Sometimes you have to lose to win”: Wilder congratulates Fury on his victory | Boxing

Deontay Wilder celebrates Tyson Fury’s victory Saturday night thrilling heavyweight championship rematch In Las Vegas.

American knockout artist who lost in the 11th round knockout Roughly funny battle At the T-Mobile Arena, he broke his silence with criticism that he didn’t wave Fury shortly afterwards. Instagram post Thursday afternoon.

“If you say you weren’t disappointed with the results, you’d lie,” Wilder wrote. “Sometimes we have to lose to win …. Last but not least, we congratulate (Fury) on his victory and thank him for his wonderful historical memories that will last forever.”

Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KO) was aiming to regain the WBC title he defended 10 times ago. Losing to Fury on the second encounter Back in February 2020, he appeared on the way to an early defeat on Saturday after being knocked down in the third round before flooring the champion twice in the fourth round. From there Fury found his foothold, pushing a two-inch advantage in height and reach in addition to weighing 39 pounds, dropping Wilder to 10th and 11th when referee Russell Mora finally intervened.

The third battle of the 34-month night between heavyweight rivals was soon welcomed as the greatest classic of all time, but Fury “hurts” by refusing to shake hands as he approaches the corner. He accused him of being a “loser.”

“We fought there like two warriors,” Fury said at a post-war press conference on Saturday. “I waved his hand and went to say he did well, and he said,” No, I don’t respect you. ” He acted like a painful loser in boxing. I’m sure he’s not the first person, not the last person. “

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Wilder, 35, who was later taken to a nearby college medical center for evaluation as a precautionary measure and did not speak to the media at night, finally gave Fury his property on Thursday.

“We didn’t get the victory, but the wise man once said that the victory was within the lesson,” Wilder wrote. “But I wanted a win that fans enjoyed seeing more wins. Hopefully I proved to be a true warrior and true king of this sport. Hopefully. For example, we have proved that no matter how hard you are hit by trials and hardships, you can always pick yourself up to live and fight again for what you believe. “

Wilder’s manager, Sherry Finkel, refrains from training for more than three months after his fighter broke his right hand in the middle round of the fight on Saturday and had surgery to repair one of his metacarpal bones in Atlanta on Monday. Told ESPN.

“He’s healthy and well, and as long as he gets it done, he’ll fight sometime in the spring or early summer,” Finkel told ESPN. “He was still in pain in his hands and was out of balance around the third round (Fury is connected behind his ears), so his balance wasn’t the same.

“He felt he trained very hard, and then two incidents-not disrespecting Fury at all-he put all his efforts into it and couldn’t fight him in good health.”

“Sometimes you have to lose to win”: Wilder congratulates Fury on his victory | Boxing

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