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Son of prominent Brooklyn judge charged in his role at U.S. Capitol riot | News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-01-13 11:43:00 –

New York (AP) — The son of a New York City judge arrested by the FBI for being one of the protesters who attacked the US Capitol was ordered by another judge to leave Washington on Tuesday.

Aaron Mostovsky, 34, was picked up at his brother’s house in Brooklyn on Tuesday morning. About a week after he was seen in the Capitol wearing a fur outfit and police vest allegedly stolen during the turmoil.

At a conference call hearing in a federal court in Brooklyn, Mostovsky’s lawyer claimed that the evidence did not support the accusation. Mostovsky was released on a $ 100,000 bond, but was banned from traveling to Washington, except in a proceeding in Washington.

US Federal Attorney Josh Hafets told a judge in the Brooklyn Federal Court that the government agreed to release Mostovsky, even though he was “deeply annoyed by the defendant’s actions” in the “mob attack.”

Allegations include a felony of theft of government property — a bulletproof vest worth $ 1,905 and a riot shield worth $ 265.

Court documents show investigators Internet communications to identify alleged criminals like Mostovsky who called themselves “cavemen” who are eager to protest the outcome of the presidential election. Shows how you are looking at.

FBI agents were seen in a social media clip posted Tuesday, appearing to have removed some of the fur rise from the dwelling where he was arrested.

Mostovsky’s unusual outfit made him stand out from the crowd of flag-waving predators, wearing camouflage. At one point he was photographed sitting on a bench near the Senate room with a stick and a riot shield. He said he lifted it off the floor.

Prior to the protest, Mostovsky sent a message to another demonstrator that he could be found in the protest by looking for a “caveman” and “knowing that even the caveman had been stolen. “There are,” court documents said. Later, when his photo was circulated, he said the image was disappointing because “now people really know me,” they added.

Mostovsky’s father is Stephen Mostovsky, a Brooklyn State Court Judge. He has not responded to requests for comment made through the court administrator.

Aaron Mostovsky’s brother Neil and defendant lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz attended a conference call in court and assured the judge that the man would comply with bail terms.

“I believe the evidence shows that he wasn’t part of the mob,” Schwartz said. “He understands how everything in Washington got out of hand.”

Neil Mostofsky is the Secretary-General of the Jewish Heritage Conservation Society, Hovevei Zion, and Vice President of the South Brooklyn Conservative Club.

He told Gotamists last week that his brother “did nothing illegal”, “was not part of the riot”, and was only in the Capitol because he was “pushed in”. ..

According to records, Aaron Mostovsky is a registered Democrat.


Associated Press writers Michael R. Sisak and Mike Balsamo of Washington contributed to this report.

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Son of prominent Brooklyn judge charged in his role at U.S. Capitol riot | News Headlines Source link Son of prominent Brooklyn judge charged in his role at U.S. Capitol riot | News Headlines

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