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Tucson, Arizona — Following two blockbuster movies, Sonic Origins, an attempt to take advantage of the newly discovered popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog, revives four of the hero’s first adventures. ..

The package includes “Sonic the Hedgehog” (1991), “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” (1992), “Sonic CD” (1993), “Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles” (1994). Includes a retro version and an improved version of.

The old version of the game is a perfect pixel-by-pixel reproduction of the aspect ratio suitable for the old CRT, while the new version retains the spirit of the old look with some of the latest enhancements.

Phil Villarreal: Growing up as a Nintendo fan who took decades to love Sonic games generously, it’s refreshing and vibrant to experience these games for the first time on 4K TV.

It’s been years since I played the classic “Sonic” game, so it came with a pretty fresh look. The speed and joy of the platform will last very well. Early levels pass like a breeze before your reflexes are taxed maximally, and the increase in difficulty is tremendous.

We’re happy with the classic version, but we’re working hard to redo the new “Anniversary Mode” that will make the game look and play smoother. It was fun to play the game and collect the artwork and videos in the museum. We also thanked the long anime-style cutscenes that introduced the game and bridged the levels.

Sean, what stood out to you?

Sean Newgent: You’re talking to a man who played a significant portion of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game at the time. Sonic was a much younger, less critical game series I ate. At one point I was enjoying “Shadow the Hedgehog”.

Returning to these games was a nostalgic shot. I owned many of these in this strange CD collection I got from Costco in the early 2000s. The aforementioned cutscenes that showcase each game are offered in its classic Sonic style, reminiscent of the “Sonic” cartoons (most famous for Sonic Sez) and the “Sonic Underground” in the heyday of Blue Blur. These refreshing introductions don’t modernize character design (especially Amy Rose), but stick to classic sonics in a way that only IP-loving studios can really succeed.

Then, while playing as before, you’ll arrive at a brilliant, high-resolution game. Getting the option to select multiple characters per game provides, for example, several ways to put cheese into a level where the tail isn’t intended to fly over everything. Still, avoiding Classic Mode will give you an endless life and an opportunity to see where this character really came from for the younger generation, who may be crazy about Sonic in the latest movies and new games. Is the best way to do it.

Do you think this has enough features for kids to watch these 30-year-old games?

Phil Villarreal: I think this is more accessible not only for kids, but for beginner gamers of all ages. The ability to play as Tales in all games except the first game is a godsend, and the character’s flying ability will spring you out of jams that Sonic will have a hard time escaping.

The developers could have escaped with a quick and dirty port compilation, but took care of the archive curator to create a package that would bring justice to the character’s legacy. Sadly, over the years, many of Sonic’s sequels have paid little respect to source materials. That’s why the franchise became a joke before the recent Renaissance. The level of quality control here is tremendous.

These old games somehow look new again — probably because modern platformers lack the bohemian speed and fun tones they encapsulate. I think this package is an indispensable pickup for those who like classic platformers.

The final idea, Sean?

Sean Newgent: With all sorts of expensive title dirges, this is like a retro revival summer. The studio can put classic games in a cheap collection, but the meticulous attention and affection of the Sonic Origins presentation makes it worth the purchase for character fans. Fans will be hooked as soon as they launch Green Hill Zone and hear the unforgettable soundtrack earworms. It includes a series of challenges where you can collect coins to buy items at the museum shop, which adds significant skill-based gameplay to anyone who can speed run these classics while sleeping.

That said, the game locks some features behind the DLC paywall. This seems to be inadequate for packages that don’t necessarily offer new ones, but it’s part of the locked item. Then add it in addition to the $ 40 price tag. Sure, a great collection of games seems like a lot of money, but it doesn’t seem like a necessity for anyone but the deadliest. Sonic fan hard.

The publisher provided the review code. Phil played on the Xbox Series X and Sean played on the PS4.

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