Sonny Osborne, bluegrass banjoist behind ‘Rocky Top,’ dies at 84 – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

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Knoxville, Tennessee (WATE) — One of the musicians behind the song “Rocky Top” has died. Sony Osborne died on Sunday at the age of 84.

“They premiered their performance on WROL radio here in Knoxville around 1953/54,” said music writer and historian Wayne Breadsaw.

Bledsoe shared what made his brother stand out. “They have a very unique three-part harmony, and many bluegrass acts were influenced by it,” he said.

Bluegrass historian and writer John Curtis Gordo agreed that their music was revolutionary. “They were one of the first bands to use drums and electric instruments,” Curtis Goad said. “Today, bands like Mumford & Sons and all the kids who use bluegrass instruments are in attendance.”

Curtis Goad also said that “The Osborne Brothers” was not intended to be a hit for “Rocky Top.” “Rocky Top was actually on the b side. Believe it or not,” Rocky Top “never became the number one hit. “

Both historians say the brothers are proud and grateful to the fandom surrounding the national anthem.

“Their version is something everyone knows, which means he was really proud of it,” said Sonny’s Bledsoe.

“Every time the song is played, I’m sure they got the biggest kick from it,” Curtis Gord said. “I hope all fans, top rocky fans will still do so.”

The song “Rocky Top” was first performed by the Southland band Pride at a halftime show with Alabama on October 21, 1972.

For the other half of “Osborne Brothers,” Bobby Osborne is still playing.

Sonny Osborne, bluegrass banjoist behind ‘Rocky Top,’ dies at 84 Source link Sonny Osborne, bluegrass banjoist behind ‘Rocky Top,’ dies at 84

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