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Bakersfield, California 2020-10-16 21:00:00 –

The views of the interviewees are unquestionable and unquestionable. This article makes no effort to investigate the causality or logic of the interviewee’s claims. They are presented as seemingly undeniable facts. For example, as implied in this article, it implies the assumption that Democratic policy is responsible for the homeless and deteriorating air quality.

This article has failed to provide a real context or factual framework to help readers understand and determine the truth of the matter. In particular, citations and responses from people with different views are not included in the article: new arrivals at Bakersfield with a progressive tendency, long-term residents staying, or the subject of your article. Any of the politicians whose policies have been highly criticized by. Perhaps you asked for such a quote and perspective but were rejected, your article is unfortunately silent about this.

Eventually, this article comes across as a thinly disguised political commentary on a human-interest story. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be that way on your part, I would like to give you a suspicious benefit.

In the future, I think that providing more context and critical review in such articles will provide better service to our readers. Indeed, when it comes to important public topics like this (not just human-interest stories).

Again, I appreciate your article and think it’s a worthwhile topic. But, at least as an independent article, I feel that something is desired for implementation. Perhaps in the sequel to this article, can you find out and interview new arrivals at Bakersfield and long-time residents who welcome and enjoy the left-facing slopes of the state (and city)? If so, the journalism approach adopted here may be a little more acceptable. You may turn it into a series that examines the city’s evolving population and political outlook.

Thank you for reading this.

— Thank you, Brain Mustow

reader: Did you troll Danforce? Departing California for Washington because you are “conservative” is like leaving Alabama for Arkansas because you are liberal. I hope they enjoy their new home, but there seems to be little political change.

reader: After spending 67 years in California, I moved from Bakersfield to Ohio this year. I couldn’t see the future in this state. All charges were killing my retirement income, DMV to petrol tax too much!

We built a new home and a new life in a small American town. Thank you for listening. Time for conservatives to speak.

Peterson: Thanks for your feedback, Brain, Antonio, Gary. I really want to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and experiences here.

And Brain, you’re partially lucky to your request: Check out the Sunday edition and for the next story of Jon Cox surrounding this topic, this time focusing on the new arrivals of Bakersfield. To match. People coming and going in our area, and why, are big topics. John is working apart.

One of the things not mentioned in the story is Oildale’s historical exhibition, which is full of old photographs and oral history of the great generation and their memories. Also, a photo album where the discovery of oil began in Oil City. We hope that this will not be lost in the remodeling and will come back for the enjoyment of our patrons.

— Fred and Linda Enyert

Peterson: If you like the library Really I love the library. And in the case of COVID-19 and Rathbun, the community suffers if it is completely inaccessible because it needs to be repaired to deal with the flood.

I don’t know the exact plan for the historical exhibition at Rathbun, but I recently digged deeper into the internal archives and shared a California photo of Oildale’s iconic landmarks and people with the Kern County Library. Used in Rathbun. I am wondering what kind of display can be made if the timing is right!

reader: I don’t know if it was an error or intentional to run Cagle’s cartoon “No, madness didn’t stop today” on October 14th and October 15th, but I approve To do. It is true that “madness does not stop today”. Heck will do it randomly from now on until the world is a little sane.

Peterson: Alex, sorry to disappoint, the caricatures only need to be published once. An error has occurred and must be acknowledged. I have already received a pretty good rebuke from another reader.

reader: Your October 10th column led to the subject of the free COVID test and the relevant warnings for running it, allowing everyone to legally relax a bit. In the eastern part of the county, there are quite a few voluntary participants who are not given the opportunity to participate. Is there something wrong with this photo? I think so.

By the way, the virus isn’t as close to the problem as Bakersfield, so testing it here has a very beneficial effect on county statistics. I will help you!

— Paul Decker, Ridgecrest

Peterson: When I asked Kern County Public Health Services, I was told that at Ridgecrest, Rural Health Clinic Urgent Care and Heather Stone Urgent Care offer COVID-19 tests. However, they are not listed as free.

In addition, I was told that Rosamond’s Rite Aid offers testing.

It’s another way, thanks to COVID-19, but I think it’s great that the Aerospace Valley Air Show was still announced. But yes, you can imagine it impossible to fly the entire last square mile of Kern County.

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