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By Ginger DeShaney

Owen Rogers has known Anne Gordon since he was six years old.

“Ann was next to me all the time,” Owen, 17, said. “She made me me today.”

Owen was just one of many who attended the Saturday celebration of Anne’s 50-year career at the Edgeley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club. She retired on June 29, 2021, the 50th anniversary of her start date, but returns as a volunteer every Wednesday.

“Ann is the most influential person I have ever met,” Owen said. “She is very exciting. The work she does affects so many different people.

“It’s great to see turnout,” Owen continued. He said the number of people returning to the celebration showed her influence.

For 50 years at the club, and more recently as an art director and summer camp director, Anne has influenced thousands of children.

“All the impact she has had on children’s lives, children’s lives and children’s lives is amazing,” said Anne’s brother Scott Gordon.

Recalling Anne’s bike work from Milton, Scott said her dedication was “rewarded in the lives of children who benefited from her service.” “She loves children.

“It was a great career.”

Ann wasn’t just praised for her work in the club. “She was incredible as an aunt and sister-in-law,” said Sandra Gordon. “Her talent didn’t stop here at the Boys & Girls Club. She brought it all to our kids. She made them a great work of art with knitting … she was our kids We made a quilt with their names on each of them.

“She was great,” Sandra said.

Toby Talbot has known Anne since the first day she started working at the club. Toby was running a school-age childcare program at the club at the time.

He described her as supportive, affectionate, devoted, and lasting forever.

Joyce Talbot also worked in the club with Anne. “Ann was always very supportive,” she said.

Jamie Talbot has known Anne for the rest of her life. Ann taught her how to swim. “She’s always very kind and open. When I come to the club, she’s always one of the people I couldn’t wait to see,” Jamie said. “She was always very open and entertaining. She was always having fun and doing a lot of things.”

Joyce said Anne’s retirement was a huge loss to the club. “They will never find a devoted person.”

“It’s hard to imagine this place without her,” Jamie added.

Sean O’Keefe, now a child of the club, said it was amazing that Anne had been in the club for 50 years.

Ann had a great influence on Sean. “Last year, when she taught me more how to paint, at that point I loved painting.”

Congressman David Bile presented Anne with honor from the Massachusetts State Capitol.

The club’s executive director, Harry Duval, led the program, including student performance and the announcement that Anne will be appointed to the Boys & Girls Club of the Boston Alumni Hall of Fame. The South Boston Club has also launched a performing arts fund in the name of Anne.

People left a message on Anne’s sign. The sampling is as follows:

  • “Thank you for all your love and support over the years. You are the best.”
  • “Thank you for helping me become me today.”
  • “Thanks to all you have done to help my sister and me. Without you I wouldn’t be me today.”
  • “I will never forget every art show, every excursion, every memory. Thank you very much!”

It was all overwhelming for Anne.

“It’s just crazy. So many people have come,” she said. Former and current staff, former and current students, parents, family, and friends have come to the club to celebrate her. There were many hugs, many more “thanks”, and many memories were shared.

She has retired, but she still helps every Wednesday. “I jumped in right away,” Anne said. “It’s hard to say goodbye.”

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