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Florence, South Carolina 2021-11-25 09:11:55 –

Charleston, South Carolina (WCBD) – The South Carolina Aquarium seeks to expand its footprint by adding learning space to downtown Charleston.

The aquarium is working with the city to add the ability to teach children at the Charleston Maritime Center. They plan to teach about 20,000 students annually in an activated space.

“The council has agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the South Carolina Aquarium. They will invest up to $ 5 million in this city facility and offer a long-term lease to create educational space for children,” said Mayor Charleston. John Tecklenburg explained.

While the SC Aquarium will focus on local Title 1 schools, schools throughout South Carolina will have access to a program centered around STEM education.

“Here at the Maritime Museum, you have direct access to a real field trip on the water or to study environmental science,” said Mayor Tecklenburg.

The Charleston Maritime Center has never been fully used for its intended purpose. It was built as a market for the fishery industry. “It never really happened as expected,” said Mayor Tecklenburg. “It’s really important to create a multipurpose facility for the citizens.”

The plan shows that the lower level of 5,000 square feet will be converted to “The Learning Lab.”

“The Learning Lab has five classrooms (four indoors and one outdoors) that serve as a hub for the Dominion Energy School program. The aquarium virtually doubles the number of students offered each year in this important program. “I will do it,” said the SC Aquarium. statement.

“But the spread of knowledge about the environment, science and climate change is positive for our young students today,” said Mayor Techlenberg.

South Carolina Aquarium leaders said they hope the refurbishment will be completed by 2024.

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