South Carolina judge denies death row inmates’ lawsuit – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-06-09 09:58:14 –

Richland County, South Carolina (FOX 46 Charlotte) – Judge Joslyn Newman of Richland County has denied an injunction by two prisoners scheduled to be enforced later this month.

Brad Sigmon and Freddie Owens were convicted of another but unrelated murder. They united to fight a new bill that signed the law by suing Governor Henry McMaster and South Carolina Corrections Bureau Secretary Brian Sterling. The new law requires prisoners to choose between electrocution and firing squad if lethal injections are not available. The challenge is that the firing squad has not yet been formed and deadly injections are not available, so the only option is an electric chair.

Prior to this new law, prisoners could choose between lethal injections and electrocution.

Sigman and Owens are represented by the nonprofit Justice 360. In a hearing in front of Judges Newman Judges 360, Hannah Freedman said, “In these situations, a provisional injunction is justified.” Insisted. If the proceedings are pending and later the court finds the law unconstitutional, it will not suffer permanent damages. “

Plaintiffs argued that the client should be sentenced by law at the time of the decision, but Governor’s lawyer Grayson Lambert said, “This could be a firing squad at some point. Isn’t it a question of whether or not there is a lethal injection available at some point? The question is now. When this notice was issued by the Supreme Court, it was amended to carry out the judgment imposed by the jury. What could the station use?

Friedman explained the problem. “Sterling is tasked with interpreting the law himself and deciding not only what the law means, but what the law is.”

“There is no proper procedure for choosing a method of execution,” said Sterling’s lawyer Daniel Pryler. “Is that method constitutional? Is this method constitutional?” The firing squad kills them in 15 seconds – the lethal injection takes 20 minutes – which is more painful?

“The punishment sentenced to Mr. Sigman and Mr. Owens was the death penalty, not death in any particular way,” said McMaster Governor Grayson Lambert.

Plyler has revealed that Sigmon and Owens have run out of post-conviction remedies. “The rights to these due processes have been thoroughly scrutinized. Over the last two decades, both of these individuals have been thoroughly investigated through multiple levels of judicial review and each time a due process is found. . “

Sigmon will be executed on June 18th and Owens will be executed on June 25th.

South Carolina judge denies death row inmates’ lawsuit Source link South Carolina judge denies death row inmates’ lawsuit

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