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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) — You can love it. You can hate it. But the Waffle House is always there.

it’s raining? Waffle House is open. Do you have a tornado? Your waffle house is probably open. Is it the end of the world? Deal with waffles.

The 24-hour chain restaurant has dozens of locations throughout South Carolina, all loved to varying degrees. News13 analyzed Yelp reviews of waffle houses gathered around the state’s largest city and analyzed the figurative cherries at the top of the stack.

News13 looked up a list of waffle houses in Charleston, Colombia, Florence, Greenville and Myrtle Beach. At least 25 reviews are required at the time of publication to qualify.

There were no eligible waffle houses in the Colombian region.

According to Yelp, here are some of the best waffle houses in South Carolina.


  1. 609 Long Point Road

3.5 stars out of 44 reviews

Memorable quote: “I’ve been with this slowback diner for over a decade. Quality is kept constant and service is kept constant.”

  1. 325 Savannah Highway.

3.5 stars out of 43 reviews

Memorable quote: “Our food came out quickly and everything was as good as usual-hot, fresh and unpretentious.”


  1. 2900W.Dr. Radio

4 and a half stars out of 34 reviews

Memorable quote: “This is a comfortable food on the road.”

  1. 2800N.Williston Road

3.5 stars out of 25 reviews

A memorable quote: “In addition to all the rights you would expect from a Waffle House, a side dish of Southern hospitality.”


  1. 536 Haywood Road

3.5 stars out of 28 reviews

Memorable quote: “I don’t care who says what. I love Waffle House. I get the same d every time, and what do you know? It’s good every day — time.”

Myrtle beach

  1. 711 Frontage Road

4 stars out of 29 reviews

A memorable review: “For life as usual!”

  1. 2811S. Kings Highway.

3.5 stars out of 60 reviews

Memorable quote: “Excellent service! Great food! Excellent staff!”

South Carolina’s highest rated Waffle Houses Source link South Carolina’s highest rated Waffle Houses

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