South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Signs Transgender Girls Women’s Sports Ban Bill

South dakota Governor Kristi Noem On Monday, she said she would sign a bill passed by Congress to ban transgender girls and women from participating in women’s sports leagues. However, it may be decided by federal court whether it will ultimately have permanent effect in the state.

According to the High School Athletics Association, no transgender girl is currently playing in the South Dakota Women’s High School Sports League.

“I’m excited to sign this bill soon.” Nome tweeted A few minutes after passing the Senate. She described the passage as a celebration of International Women’s Day and an advocacy for women’s sports.

Proponents cast it as a way to “promote the fairness of women’s sports,” but Republican Senator VJ Smith said a court struggle looming states as 20 state lawmakers were considering similar legislation. Labeled a “political statement” that dragged into.

“The decision will be made in federal court,” Smith said. “It is never made in the South Dakota Senate.”

The Human Rights Campaign has criticized Nome for approving the bill. “Transgender girls and their families are your members.” The group wrote on Twitter.. “You are using your power to eliminate children and make them feel less. It’s not something to be proud of.”

Only the state of Idaho has enacted a law restricting transgender students from participating in sports, and its 2020 action has been thwarted by a court ruling.

Last week, a Republican-controlled Senate committee rejected the bill. Senators say that passages range from NCAAs, which may avoid holding tournaments, to legal challenges for discrimination and the administrative burden of collecting gender evidence for all high school athletes at birth. I thought it would cause a wide range of problems in the state.

However, other Republicans revived the bill on the Senate floor and passed it on Monday-the last day to pass such a proposal during the legislative session. Proponents argued that allowing transgender women and girls to play in women’s sports leagues would be detrimental to other women and girls.

The State High School Activities Association, which opposed the bill, is currently evaluating applications from transgender girls on a case-by-case basis. The association said the process is the best way to support transgender students while maintaining competitive fairness. Only one transgender girl has graduated since then and has played in the state’s women’s league.

However, proponents of the bill cast a vision of a future in which the presence of transgender companions will completely transform the sport of girls and women.

“My heart is broken for future generations. The decisions you make today will affect future generations,” said Republican Senator Maggie Sutton, who sponsored the bill in the Senate. “Today I ask you to protect women’s sports.”

Opponents, meanwhile, were worried about the catastrophic consequences of passing the bill on the state’s transgender people.

Jett Jonelis, Advocacy Manager at ACLU in South Dakota, said:

Democratic Senator Reynold Nesiba agreed. He read a letter from a friend who was a trans-gender man during a Senate debate and explained the psychological challenges facing many trans-gender people.

“To me, this is very similar to bullying,” Nesiba said.

last week, Mississippi House passed the bill About banning transgender athletes from participating in women’s or women’s sports teams. More than 20 states have proposed athletics or gender-verifying health care restrictions for transgender minors this year. Associated Press report.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Signs Transgender Girls Women’s Sports Ban Bill

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