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Garfieldware states that he has lived a life of service in his country and is very grateful for his recognition.

South Lake Tahoe, California — People who make Northern California strong People who inspire us and make our community the perfect place to live. ABC10 wants to emphasize their strengths by recognizing what they are doing. This week we’re introducing Garfieldware, one of the last Pearl Harbor attackers in the United States.

You don’t need a town to thank the heroes, but here in South Lake Tahoe, it’s just like them. On October 13, 2021, Garfieldware was recognized by many politicians and the Lake Tahoe Veterans Alliance for his work in World War II.

From the deck of USS Lexington on December 7, 1941, Ware stated that he had witnessed the beginning of the largest attack on American soil.

“I saw the Japanese flying,” Ware said.

On the day Japanese fighters bombed Pearl Harbor, USS Lexington was too far from the sea to protect itself from surprise attacks. Instead, Ware and his fellow sailors returned to a terrifying rescue and recovery mission.

“Terrible, losing all these people in Pearl Harbor made me sick. The big battleship turned over. I couldn’t stand it,” Ware said.

Ware is one of the few survivors of Pearl Harbor still alive in the United States. He is a war hero that the Lake Tahoe Veterans Alliance Daniel Brown felt needed to be recognized before he left.

“Garfieldwear is some of the greatest generations of men and women who served during World War II for strangers,” Brown said.

The hero of Ware does not end at Pearl Harbor. A year later, he and USS Lexington soldiers were involved in the Battle of the Coral Sea, a deadly battle in which a series of torpedoes sank Lexington.

“I asked what was happening. They said they would abandon the ship,” Ware said.

Approximately 216 crew members were killed, and more than 2,700, including Ware, spent hours in shark-infested water until he and his crew were finally rescued.

After six years in the army, Ware started working for his family and eventually for the State Capitol. He was a caretaker who worked under five different governors. He states that he has a life of service to his country and is very grateful for his recognition.

“Yes! Ha! I’m a little weeping about it,” he said.

Garfield wear is NorCal Strong. If you would like to nominate a strong Northern Californian, please send the text (916) 321-3310 and include NorCal Strong in the text. Please send a photo or web link to your submission.

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South Lake Tahoe man one of last remaining Pearl Harbor survivors Source link South Lake Tahoe man one of last remaining Pearl Harbor survivors

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