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Boston-South Shore Republicans oppose the new requirement of the House of Representatives to vaccinate members and staff returning to the office with COVID-19.

The House of Representatives was the last State Capitol group to agree on a reopening plan.

State representatives approved the requirement with an overwhelming 131-28 vote on Thursday, with only one Republican joining the Democratic majority.

Senator Karen Spilka requested all members and staff to be vaccinated by October 15. Governor Charlie Baker issued a similar order to government employees by the deadline of October 17.

Republican colleague Matthew Muratore of Plymouth said he voted against it because it was unclear and overpowered the group of lawmakers who developed it.

“I’m vaccinated and it’s okay to show my card,” Muratore said in a telephone interview on Friday. “For most of us, it’s not about it. It’s about the forces and processes that happened yesterday …. It’s all decided by a few people, and the wording is very sparse.”

The currently dissolved working group, which developed a plan to reopen the House of Representatives, consisted of seven Democrats and one Republican, all appointed by Quincy’s Speaker of the House, Ronald Mariano.

Bill Driscol Jr., D-Milton, Chairman of the State Legislature COVID-19 and Emergency Preparation and Management Committee, Said members, knew there was disagreement about possible resumption strategies, so vaccine requirements were submitted to bring controversy to the house floor.

“It was very important for us to vote and have the safety and confidence that the vaccine brings,” Driscoll said in a telephone interview on Friday. “Vaccines are our best tool in that they work and stop the spread of COVID-19. The vast majority of people in my district and the federal government carry out vaccination obligations for workplace safety. ) I think we are supporting the employer. ”

Muratore said the inclusion of teaching materials in the proposed resumption plan would probably increase Republican support and reasoned that educating people about the effectiveness of the vaccine was the only way to overcome the pandemic.

“We should educate a lot with people,” Muratore said. “We shouldn’t make this political. We should do this about science and education … the importance of being vaccinated.”

According to Muratore, Plymouth hosts a weekly COVID-19 Town Hall Forum where local officials and health professionals provide up-to-date information on the town’s vaccination rates and educate residents about vaccines.

Democrats in the House of Representatives argued that if Republicans found so many problems with the order, they should have proposed amendments.

The order was submitted Wednesday morning and house members had to submit amendments until the end of business hours. This said Driscoll is a common timeline.

The Democratic Party has submitted an amendment. The House of Representatives will eventually create a new iteration of the Working Group on COVID-19, one batch that declares an emergency in the House of Representatives so that members and staff can continue to work remotely if they do not comply with vaccination obligations. Adopted a fix. Among other changes.

The exemption from the rules will be available to those who have a reasonable medical and religious condition that prevents vaccination.

The house reopening plan is divided into phases and will be defined by a new working group in the coming weeks.

“We’ll focus on representatives and core staff first, and then we’ll have a hearing (probably a hybrid) in Phase 2,” said Driscoll. “We will continue with some remote components, but once again we will add the ability to provide live testimony and participate in direct hearings. And full capacity will open the door again. This is the final stage we envision when it is safe enough. “

This story was originally Patriot ledger.

South Shore Republicans oppose vaccine requirements for state representatives – Boston University News Service Source link South Shore Republicans oppose vaccine requirements for state representatives – Boston University News Service

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