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Wichita, Kansas (KSNW) – Residents of District 3 of Wichita make life a little easier for their neighbors fighting their battles.

For the past year and a half, Southern resident Richard Ruth and a team of volunteers he hired have used weekends to tackle housing issues that can usually lead to citations and court appearances. It’s done. Ruth and the crew make the necessary changes to the property and build a relationship before the resident faces disciplinary action.

“The community is there, and the bonds that connect us are there. It’s not always active,” Ruth explains.

Ruth looks up a list of people in need of help from the Metropolitan Building Construction Authority. He then evaluates the property’s needs himself and finally calls for help on NeighborsIndeed’s Facebook page to recruit people of different talents.

Back in February, Ruth and the crew made progress on real estate on South Patty Street. The house had an excessive storage situation that spilled out of the house and affected the people who lived there after the death of their relatives. Their cleanup efforts have brought the property back to speed.

“Going to help someone, even if you haven’t solved the underlying problem, is really transformative,” Ruth told KSN.

It all started when Ruth volunteered to participate in cleaning the town with others. While there, while working with someone in need, Ruth heard some of her stories and was impressed with the challenges she faced and her struggles to solve them. say.

“Even with a good face, her voice was very sad. Except for the three of us who appeared, she is unknown, alone in the world, and really needs the help of others. I was trying to solve the problem, “Ruth said.

Over time, Ruth realized that the struggles of various individuals had a domino effect that ended in a visible property problem. But most of the time, the root is in their health and financial struggle, or in total lack of resources.

During the summer, the group painted and repaired the pouch of a house owned by an old couple. After the stroke, the wife faced a balance problem and her husband received chemotherapy for cancer. As the couple’s house was flagged, the man went to court and informed the judge where the repairs were being made.

Mutual communication in the Hilltop area allowed Ruth and the crew to paint the house, freeing the worried couple.

According to Ruth’s report, beneficiaries of “Neighbors Indeed” support are often visibly relaxed when work is completed after the court’s fines and imprisonment prospects have been lifted.

Ruth is not a non-profit organization and wants to continue to build the movement based on trust and goodwill with his neighbors. His next goal is to involve more neighborhood associations.

“I asked my neighbors to join me, and they answered again and again,” Ruth said.

Ruth says they can help most Saturdays. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the Neighbors Inside Facebook page.

“We are all very well qualified to be good neighbors,” Ruth said.


South Wichita man shows goodwill through labor, avoiding fines for those in need Source link South Wichita man shows goodwill through labor, avoiding fines for those in need

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