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According to the Arizona Department of Health, 1,507 new cases were reported today, and as of Monday, February 22, the total number of new coronavirus cases confirmed in Arizona exceeded 809,000.

In Pima County, which reported 138 new cases today, 108,479 of the 809,474 confirmed cases in the state were confirmed.

A total of 15,502 Arizona people died after being infected with COVID-19, including 2,149 deaths in Pima County, as the number of deaths nationwide exceeded 500,000, according to a February 22 report.

The number of COVID cases hospitalized throughout the state has declined in recent weeks, with 1,590 coronavirus patients hospitalized as of February 21. This is less than one-third of the number of hospitalizations during the peak winter surge, which reached 5,082 on January 11. .. The peak of summer was 3,517, which was set on July 13, 2020. The minimum number of subsequent inpatients with COVID was 468, which was set on September 27, 2020.

A total of 1,117 people visited the emergency room on February 21 with COVID symptoms, less than half of the record high of 2,341 people set on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. That number peaked during the summer wave of 2,008 on July 7, 2020. It hit a subsequent low of 653 on September 28, 2020.

On February 21, a total of 478 COVID-19 patients were admitted to the intensive care unit, down from the peak of 1,183 set on January 11. The record number of summer ICU beds was 970, set on July 13, 2020. Subsequent lows were 114 on September 22, 2020.

How to get the vaccine

Pima County provides vaccination shots not only to people over the age of 65, but also to educators, first-time responders and healthcare professionals. Eligible vaccinated persons Eligible for the 1B Priority Group in Pima County can register for the vaccine at: www.pima.gov/covid19vaccineregistration Or call 520-222-0119.

The state-owned vaccination site at the University of Arizona opened reservations last week. According to Dr. Cara Christ, director of health at Arizona, the new site will follow the state’s current vaccination eligibility, including educators, childcare workers, and conservation service workers over the age of 65.

As a state-owned POD, or distribution point, registration is done through the ADHS website.Online registration will be available at podvaccine.azdhs.gov, And if you need help, please call 1-844-542-8201. Click here for details.

Pima County expects vaccine shipments to be delayed this week

After the initial announcement, Pima County received only 12,500 COVID-19 vaccines last week, but the County Health Department announced on Friday that it would receive an additional 4,600 doses.

17,100 doses of the modelna vaccine will be combined with a total of 33,400 doses postponed last week due to harsh winter weather conditions throughout the United States.

Dr. Teresa Karen, director of health at Pima County, said 16,300 delayed doses this week have been delayed at the FedEx facility in Memphis, Tennessee and will arrive by Wednesday this week.

According to Karen, 17,100 doses assigned by the state to the county are expected to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The county currently has only insight into the allocation of the modelna vaccine, as the State Department of Health has taken over all Pfizer assignments.

“When I opened the assignment tool on Wednesday night, I was assigned 12,500,” Karen said on Friday. “At that point, I thought I would cancel about 4,800 reservations. Today, suddenly, I see the text,” Oh, I have 4,600 more doses. ” “

The county now expects to complete 91% of vaccinations scheduled from last week and this week due to an unexpected increase in dose. But last week, according to Karen, 1,500 to 2,000 individuals saw their vaccine reservations canceled. Most of the canceled appointments were for the first dose.

According to Karen, the county’s PODs, or distribution points, where the cancellation occurred were primarily PODs that distribute the Moderna vaccine, the Tucson Medical Center, the Tucson Convention Center, and Banner North.

“Most of these cancellations, in our understanding, were what people called sprinkled. So the majority of them were rescheduled for next week and sprinkled on different days. Remember that the vaccine was always available and assigned, so it wasn’t on the ground because of the weather, “Karen explained.

However, although Karen expects 91% of reservations to be met, uncertainty about vaccine delivery times remains.

“It may turn out that additional cancellations and reschedules are needed,” she said. “For example, if the vaccine doesn’t arrive here by Monday morning, we don’t know what the situation will be. It depends on what’s happening on the ground with the weather.”

With the increase in Moderna vaccines last week, Cullen expects the county to host up to four mobile vaccination clinics this weekend aimed at servicing vulnerable people.

She appreciates the increased allocation of moderna, but Karen says the county’s vaccine infrastructure can handle more doses than the state has allocated.

“Now, when we’re at 17,100, as you know, we talked about being perfect-it’s not where we need it yet,” she said. “We had to have at least about 17,800 people. Obviously, we need more vaccines. Our infrastructure is designed to do more.”

The new state-owned University of Arizona POD is on track to deliver the vaccine, as many bookings have been canceled and mobile PODs for the vulnerable have been postponed last week.

“Ideally, we always expected to have a high flow, high efficiency distribution point, which we need because it is included in our acceleration plan,” Karen said. Stated. “I don’t want to get away from that need, but at the same time, we know it’s not for everyone. Usually the race and ethnicity of those who have access to these large PODs. The target breakdown does not necessarily reflect the community, so both are needed. “

Take the test: Pima County has a free COVID test

Pima County continues to offer several test centers around the town after the state has agreed to provide additional funding to the test centers for at least two more weeks.

Nasal swab tests will be conducted at the Kino Event Center (2805 E. Ahoway), Udal Center (7200 E. Tank Verde Road) and Downtown (88 E. Broadway).

The center of the Ellie Towne Flowing Wells Community Center, north of 1660 W. Ruthrauff Road, includes a saliva test designed by ASU.

In addition, Pima County Health Department, Pima Community College, and Arizona State University have partnered to create three new drive-through COVID-19 test sites at Pima Community College. At the drive-through site, the COVID-19 test is provided via a saliva sample instead of a nasal swab. Each site will be tested from 9am to noon and requires prior registration. Only patients over 5 years old can be tested.

Schedule your booking on these or other pop-up sites. pima.gov/covid19testing..

All Arizona people have been tested for antibodies at the University of Arizona because they are trying to figure out how many people have been exposed to COVID-19 but were asymptomatic or otherwise not tested during their illness. It is open to. To sign up for the test, please visit: https://covid19antibodytesting.arizona.edu/home..

— With additional reports from Austin Counts, Jeff Gardner, Nicole Ludden, Mike Truelsen

Southern AZ COVID-19 AM Roundup for Monday, Feb. 22: Nation’s death toll surpasses 500K, state deaths top 15,500; After vaccine shortage forces cancelations, Pima County expects 33K doses this week; How to set up vaccine appointments, COVID tests | Business Source link Southern AZ COVID-19 AM Roundup for Monday, Feb. 22: Nation’s death toll surpasses 500K, state deaths top 15,500; After vaccine shortage forces cancelations, Pima County expects 33K doses this week; How to set up vaccine appointments, COVID tests | Business

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