Southern AZ COVID-19 AM Roundup for Wednesday, April 7; AZ deaths top 17K; UA vax POD opening new appointments daily; Here’s how to set up vaccine appointments, COVID tests – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-04-07 11:33:00 –

According to the Arizona Department of Health, 750 new cases were reported today, and the total number of new coronavirus cases confirmed in Arizona exceeded 17,000 as of Wednesday, April 7.

In Pima County, which reported 82 new cases today, 113,253 of the 17,023 confirmed cases in the state have been identified.

A total of 17,023 Arizona people died after being infected with COVID-19, including 27 new deaths reported this morning, including 2,361 deaths in Pima County, according to a report on April 7.

As of April 6, a total of 574 coronavirus patients had been hospitalized. This is about 11% of the number of hospitalizations at the peak of the winter surge, which reached 5,082 on January 11. The peak of summer was 3,517, which was set in July. The minimum number of subsequent inpatients with COVID, set on September 27, 2020, was 468.

On April 6, a total of 1,112 people visited the emergency room with COVID-like symptoms. That number is 47.5% of the record high of 2,341 set on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. July 2020; hit a subsequent low of 653 on September 28, 2020.

On April 6, a total of 152 COVID-19 patients were in the intensive care unit. This is about 13% of the record 1,183 ICU patients set on January 11. The record number of ICU beds in the summer was 970, set in July. Subsequent lows were 114 on September 22, 2020.

UA begins booking new vaccines daily

University officials announced Tuesday morning that the University of Arizona’s vaccine distribution points are starting to book daily based on cancellations and volumes.

“The real limitation was that we didn’t have enough vaccines, so we didn’t want to confront so many people, so we just had more volunteers and staff to match the amount of vaccines available,” said the UA Task Force. Dr. Richard Carmona, Director of the Force, said. “The more vaccines we have, the more vaccines we can search for, so we haven’t met about 1,000 appointments.”


State vaccination PODs, including UA PODs, have expanded their eligibility to people over the age of 16 because they saw hundreds of appointments unfulfilled two weeks ago. Carmona said they are announcing their appointments every day and hope they will never be missed.

“We are doing everything we can to use all of these vaccinations,” Carmona said. “I don’t want to end the day with the vaccine still in the freezer and unused.”

The site averages around 400 to 500 per day, with 1,500 scheduled Friday afternoons.

“That’s because we were able to increase capacity. Our capabilities depend on the number of vaccinated and pharmacists that actually appear, and the number of volunteers,” said Holly Jensen, UA’s Vice President of Communications. Stated. “The number of volunteers needed to pass one person is about 27 per person passing through our POD. Therefore, all of this plays a major role in the number we can push forward every day. I am. ”

UA President Robert C. Robins said the university needs non-medical volunteers as the days get hot and the volunteers are exhausted.To visit volunteers covid19.arizona.edu/vaccine Scroll down to see “Volunteer Opportunities”.

Robins reported that UA POD had been vaccinated more than 133,551 times as of Monday, April 5, and 22.3% were self-aware that they were Hispanic. The county has vaccinated about 31.7% of the population.

As vaccination efforts continued, Robins said he was seeing reasons for concern in the wider community as wastewater tests found higher concentrations of COVID-19 throughout the county.

Infection rates in Pima County are still low, but have risen from 0.77 to 1.07 since last week. The postal code 85719 around the university increased from 0.77 to 1.11.

“We’ve risen a bit, but overall it’s relatively stable in the county,” Carmona said. “I’m happy that this shows that our public health best practices are working, but we’ll sneak up a bit and work harder to curb it.”

From March 27, 9,337 tests have been conducted on campus over the last 10 days, and the university reports only 25 positive COVID-19 tests with a positive rate of 0.3%.

Carmona also said he continues to monitor community resources such as ventilator and bed availability.

“We all feel pretty comfortable because they’re all stable or declining over the past period, but we’re still not happy,” Carmona said. “Based on this information, we will move forward based on the opinions of all the scientists here at the university.”

UA encourages students to be vaccinated

To encourage vaccination among students, the university offers students the opportunity to earn a $ 5 star reward at the Arizona Students’ Union or the University of Arizona Bookstore.Students must upload their vaccination card to claim rewards Campus health.. After the final vaccination, Wildcat One Stop will display a green “vx”. This also exempts you from the weekly tests that are currently required by the university.

Vaccinated students and staff are also exempt from the tests required for the graduation ceremony, said UA President Robert Robins.

“This is essentially a vaccine passport,” Robins said. “If you’re a student, you don’t need to test. For upcoming events, if you have a green check on” vx “, we’ll start testing students and faculty. You can go. Therefore, we encourage everyone to be vaccinated and displayed on Wildcat Onestop. ”

Robins says he wants everyone in the community, including international students and out-of-state students, to be vaccinated and encourages them to make reservations.

The University of Arizona will allow guests to attend the face-to-face opening event scheduled for May, Robins said at a briefing on Tuesday.

However, Robins said he would change the ceremony’s plans as needed to minimize risk if public health conditions changed. This includes canceling guest policies and turning events into completely virtual experiences.

“It’s almost a month, so we’ll keep an eye on it. If things change, we’ll always revert to all virtual experiences by default,” Robbins said.

They send emails to confirm attendance at face-to-face events and allow four guests per graduate. While encouraging all attendees to vaccinate and testing non-exempt students and staff, Robins said he would not test guests.

Several events will be held from May 11th to May 18th. To see the full schedule of the ceremony, please visit: beginment.arizona.edu..

Adults 16 and older are currently eligible to book at state and county clinics

Pima County and Arizona have begun booking vaccines for people over the age of 16.

You can register your vaccine reservation by visiting the state POD. Pod vaccine.azdhs.gov, And if you need help, please call 1-844-542-8201.

Register for an appointment at Pima County POD pima.gov/covid19vaccineregistration Or call 520-222-0119.

Many local pharmacies are now vaccinated. To find something near you Visit the ADHS website.

Take the test: Pima County has a free COVID test

Pima County continues to offer many test centers around the town.

Perform a nasal swab test at the Udall Center, 7200 E. Tanque Verde Road.

The center of the Ellie Towne Flowing Wells Community Center, north of 1660 W. Ruthrauff Road, includes a saliva test designed by ASU.

Schedule your booking on these or other drive-through or pop-up sites. pima.gov/covid19testing..

An antibody test at the University of Arizona can determine if you are infected with COVID and currently have antibodies. To sign up for the test, please visit: https://covid19antibodytesting.arizona.edu/home..

— With additional reports from Austin Counts, Christina Duran, Jeff Gardner, Mike Truelsen

Southern AZ COVID-19 AM Roundup for Wednesday, April 7; AZ deaths top 17K; UA vax POD opening new appointments daily; Here’s how to set up vaccine appointments, COVID tests Source link Southern AZ COVID-19 AM Roundup for Wednesday, April 7; AZ deaths top 17K; UA vax POD opening new appointments daily; Here’s how to set up vaccine appointments, COVID tests

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