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Southern basketball looking for stronger start with less worries about COVID | Southern – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-16 21:45:00 –

The Southern Men’s Basketball Team is looking for a cohesive start to next season, which was lacking at this time last year.

The season began with Southern being ranked second at the Southwestern Athletic Conference, but injuries and the COVID protocol played a major role in what was disappointing for Jaguar. Their first two conference games were canceled due to COVID restrictions and then lost the last two regular season games. In SWAC, he finished 5th with 8-6 and 8-11 overall.

Sean Woods said Jaguar has already made a good start.

“Last year I didn’t have the summer when we created culture,” he said. “The new people never knew what it was like to be at Southern University. We were just meeting in the game. We were isolated for two days, practiced for two days, and then We went to play. We didn’t know each other. “

This time, Jaguar did summer training. This is an important part of integrating a small number of new players that Woods expects to impact.

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The highest is the 6’9 transfer J’Quan Ewing, which Woods describes as an athletic shot blocker. Damian Sears, a 6-7 transfer, is also expected to help the Jaguars top repeaters on the front court, a 6-7 senior Kirk Parker.

Other newcomers include a pair of guard forward transfers from Murray State University — Brion Whitley and former brasserie high star Jason Holiday. Perhaps the most intriguing transfer is the 6-7 forward Tyrone Lions. Woods said it was comparable to former NBA star Stacey Augmon’s “Plastic Man.”

Jaguars’ top repeater with 11.1 points, Jayden Sadler 6-1 senior, said: “The Brotherhood is back. It wasn’t missing last year, but it was completely different last year. I’m not saying it’s going to be a different style, but this year we have that grit.”

Southern returns two fifth-grade seniors, Guard’s Brendon Brooks and Asante Shivers. Brooks hit 88.2% on the free throw line and was a major contributor to last season’s stretch, when injuries began to pile up.

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One of those injuries was in Shivers, who collapsed on February 6 with a knee injury against Grambling. The tremor averaged 10.9 points before that and is expected to return to this season before the start of SWAC play in January.

There are other players that Southern welcomes. 6-6 forward sophomore Terrell Williams was selected as a SWAC freshman last season after an average of 6.9 points and 3.5 rebounds. Security guards Isaia Rollins and Deller Johnson will return after an average of 4.6 and 3.7 points, respectively.

“I know more (about the team) than last year,” Woods said. “Last year we didn’t have a chance to get together. If the team is like an AAU team, playing games a couple of times a week and practicing once a week, you can’t succeed. ..

“My crazy way is for us to start in the summer. The good thing is that a lot of people are back.”

Southern will play 13 games in November and December in preparation for SWAC. The pre-conference schedule includes a road trip to the traditional powers of Louisville and Kentucky and a home contest against South Eastern.

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Southern basketball looking for stronger start with less worries about COVID | Southern Source link Southern basketball looking for stronger start with less worries about COVID | Southern

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