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Southern football’s Foster packs a punch in his compact frame | Southern – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Southern Safety Chase Foster can’t wait for someone to doubt him. After finding a 5’7, 167 lb dynamo in a football uniform, he can almost feel it before anyone speaks it.

The list is long, dating back to Foster’s high school days at Southern Labs, and perhaps even earlier.

Kitten coach Darrell Asbury made the general assumption that he arrived before Foster’s fourth grade and was soon abandoned.

“When I got here, I asked one of my coaches,’Who is that guy?'” Asbury said of Foster. “He said,’You will be surprised.’ He really caught my attention, and I’m proud of the success he has. I tell you this. You can, I miss him. “

Foster is getting a lot of attention in his play, if not his physique. On Saturday he was also grabbing the intercept, schooling three of them with Southern’s 34-7 victory over Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

Being one of the smallest players on the field was never a problem for Foster. Chips are proudly placed on his shoulders to enhance his game.

Southern freshmen running back to Kobe Dillon attracted national attention, and teammates Chase Foster and Luke Jackson were picked up every week …

“I know the factor of my size that makes other teams think,” Oh, we’re going to choose this guy, he’s small, “Foster said. “Make sure you go out and do your homework. Size doesn’t matter.”

Not only is size not important, it fuels the foster fire. Southern coach Jason Rollins can testify.

“He will always tell you that,” Rollins said. “He carries it around. He has the ultimate” little man “syndrome. He doesn’t know he is 5-7. In his mind he is 6-6 and he plays that way. “

Later, Southern Deputy Director Tre Oliver learned of it shortly after persuading Foster to continue walking after he missed the 2017 deadline. A year and a half later, Foster received a scholarship and won a starting job for the 2018 season, which was the Jaguars. Tuckler in 3rd place at 48. He added two sack, five pass breakups, forced fumble and recovery.

Foster lost his first job in 2019, but still played in all 12 games and recorded 25 tackles. He regained his first job in the spring season and won Southern’s first TD with an intercept return in the season opener. He finished in five games with 20 tackles and a five-pass breakup.

Currently, he is one of the defense leaders, the tackle after linebacker Ray Anderson, and the second after Anderson’s 28. Foster has three picks and two failures. He was banged, but his toughness brings him back to the field.

Toughness is not just physical. Foster is admired by Rollins for his knowledge and dedication to studying tapes.

Pine Bluff, Ark — Takeout was hard to come by in the south of the season. Jaguar had only 5 out of 5 games before it appeared …

“Disassembling the film, I see small things, details, things that might give me an edge, or things that might see a better step in theater,” he said. “Holding a tip on your shoulder works hard. Watching a movie gives you an extra element to incorporate into the game.”

After the pads are completely off, Foster football may have a future. His understanding of the game gives him a coach-like level of insight. His leadership is another strength for teammates to come together.

“They come in all shapes and sizes,” Rollins said. “The first thing you say is’wow’, then you see him play and say,’I got it now.’ The size deceives you. He is very smart. He knows where the ball is heading before the snap. He studies movies like a coach, so he understands what his opponents are trying to do. He knows where he should be. It gives him an additional step of expectation. Incredible. “

To make people believe, Foster has never had a hard time.

Southern football’s Foster packs a punch in his compact frame | Southern Source link Southern football’s Foster packs a punch in his compact frame | Southern

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