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After the NCAA legislated some of the contact work from the fall practice, Southern is trying to get it back as quickly as possible.

Jaguars coach Jason Rollins said his team has made progress there after problems occurred in the first two games.

“We made a big jump (in the fight against McNeeds),” Rollins said of his defensive performance on Saturday. “It was day and night. It was reflected in the statistics. The team ran 48 times with an average of 3.6. It reflects how well you are working.”

The overall result was also good. Southern allowed 263 yards despite losing 31-24. Jaguar forced three field goals and four punts. This is a significant improvement over last week’s match against Miles University. Miles rushed 200 yards and piled up the first downs of 24 times.

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Rollins said the team had to strengthen their strength early in the season by working on the game. The timing is good for improving Southern at the SWAC opener at 2:00 pm on Sunday against Jackson’s Mississippi Valley.

The NCAA has reduced the number of scrim mugs for autumn practice to 2, the number of full contact exercises to 9, and the number of full pad days from 21 to 18. Increased the number of days before a team can first wear a full pad from 5 to 7. Of the camp. Teams can hold contact sessions within 2 consecutive days, and contact sessions can last within 75 minutes.

The NCAA has completely eliminated the Oklahoma drill, a complete one-on-one contact session.

“You can’t work well until you work, so it will be continuous,” Rollins said. “You can use all the tackle drills you need, but you can’t simulate full-speed contact. It’s cleaned up as we go. It’s not a Southern University issue. It’s an NCAA issue. We are committed to finding a happy medium. “

Southern linebacker Ray Anderson said he and his teammates accepted the issue and actually worked to improve the tackle summarization and finish.

“The whole group keeps that in mind,” Anderson said. “(Coach Rollins) didn’t make an insult, but we saw it as an insult. That’s our identity and it’s our job to stop doing it. We know that. In fact, we had to raise the notch. “

McNeese State University played more than 25 yards three times, and the cowboy wide receiver was only 19 yards after contact. Jaguar had four tackles due to loss, three of those sack.

Anderson said that not all issues are physical and that veteran defenses, with 10 out of 11 starters returning, are more focused on attention to detail. He said he expected continuous improvement.

“One of the great things about football is that things don’t always go according to plan. You have to go back to the blueprints and start over,” Anderson says. “There is a person in the room who knows whenever there is a challenge in front of us. We need to accept it and make it fully open. We actually make adjustments and to everyone I focused on that. In the game it shows, you have to keep building on it every week. “

Southern’s defense building up physicality ahead of SWAC opener | Sports Source link Southern’s defense building up physicality ahead of SWAC opener | Sports

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