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Southside delivers convincing league victory over Lafayette High | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-23 11:52:00 –

Southside won Lafayette High Friday Night 35-16 with sharks winning 4-1 in the tough district 3-5A and playing the best football as the regular season ends.

Shark coach Josh Fontenot said he was excited about the shark’s victory on Friday. The shark did not allow Lafayette to score until the match had six minutes left. Fontenot said Friday’s biggest takeaway was the way his team played in the second half.

“We’re done,” Fontenot said. “We allowed some touchdowns at the end with the young guys in the game, but that didn’t show how we closed the game. Teams later this season I don’t think he was a very good team. He did a great job of closing the game. “

The shark took a 21-0 lead in half-time, and at the opening kick-off in the third quarter, Jay Dan Colbert accommodated 93 yards for a touchdown to raise the shark to 28-0. The South Side included the Lions quarterback Grayson Sonnier.

“Grayson is as good a player as our district,” Fontenot said. “We did a good job not to allow him to beat us, and our defense is now playing with great confidence. We are getting used to playing with each other. And our defense is answering the phone for us every week.

Fontenot said his own quarterback, Landon Baptist, was developing on schedule. Baptiste, a wide receiver on the South Side junior national team last year, distributed the ball to all skill positions against Lafayette at least once on Friday. Fontenot said his leadership and ability to learn crime was impressive to witnesses.

“Landon is beginning to understand it all,” Fontenot said. “For those of us using triple-option flexbones, it’s really good to be able to distribute the ball around (as we did on Friday). For quarterbacks who have never done this, it’s understandable. It’s difficult to do.

“He does a good job of not forcing things and taking what the defense gives him. His mistakes are very correctable and he is much more comfortable. He is now. Going on is very impressive and I think his potential is still beginning to be exploited. “

Southside running back Bernel Joseph won with 97 yards and three touchdowns.

Much has been done about District 3-5A and how tight the schedule is, but the South Side is rarely mentioned as part of that conversation. Fontenot said he understands that the South Side hasn’t participated in the discussion yet, and that the only thing they can do to change is to keep winning.

“It’s a traditional district and I understand it,” Fontenot said. “These people have been around for a long time. No one knew us and we changed the crime, so I think many teams put us aside.

“We’re trying to take advantage of it. I don’t think we’re very respected and I think everyone still sees us as a new kid trying to understand it. I’m glad our kids accepted it, and I think they’re playing with a tip on their shoulders. I don’t think we’ll ever lose it, but we The goal is to win it.

“I don’t want to play Acadiana up close. I want to beat them. I want to win the district. I understand that it won’t happen overnight, but for now I’m pretty happy with the state and location of the program. We are a team. “

Southside delivers convincing league victory over Lafayette High | High Schools Source link Southside delivers convincing league victory over Lafayette High | High Schools

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