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Southside handles Sam Houston to improve to 3-1 in district play | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Behind the turnover and the stuffy defenses that gave the attack a great field position throughout the game, Homecoming Nights came when Southside Shark passed Sam Houston Broncos 44-21 in Friday’s 3-5A District Action. It turns out to be something to remember.

What’s wrong

Sharks (4-3, 3-1) took advantage of Broncos’ two turnovers and blocked punts to build a 23-0 lead in the first quarter.

After three plays after Sam Houston failed in the first play of the game, Burnell Joseph stepped into the end zone and took a 7-0 lead with a three-yard touchdown, opening quarter. It remained at 10:51.

After both teams exchanged scoreless property, Broncos (2-4, 1-3) was carried by Jakeheld, this time on the shark’s 48-yard line, via an intercept that returned 42 yards down. Turned it over again Sam Houston’s 10-yard line.

After one play, Joseph stepped back into the end zone and extended his lead to 13-0 with a 10-yard touchdown. The South Side successfully converted a two-point conversion from the swinggate formation when holder Andrew Angel extended the lead to 15-0 and 3:20 remained first.

After Broncos’ subsequent possession stalled after three plays, their attempted punt was blocked by Held and restored by Bryson Jones. Bryson Jones returned it to Sam Houston’s 10-yard line. In the first play of the drive, Sharks Landon Battist connected with receiver Dylan Sonnier to make a 10-yard touchdown, increasing the South Side advantage to 21-0. The South Side converted another two-point conversion when the angel threw the ball at Cole Cooper in the end zone of the swinggate formation, extending the shark’s lead to 23-0, leaving the first minute and 19 seconds. bottom.

The South Side outperformed Broncos 21-7 in the second quarter, gaining a 44-7 half-time advantage with two touchdowns from Kenneth King and a touchdown pass from Baptist to Sonnier.

turning point

The South Side led 30-0, marching 57 yards in 11 plays, recording the first touchdown of the game and up to half-time when Sam Houston put together the most impressive drive of the night. Reduced the deficit to 30-7, leaving 5:31.

The scoring drive seemed to lift the spirit of Broncos. It was because the Broncos defense came out in subsequent possession and lost sharks in a row in the first two plays of the drive. The total loss was minus 7 yards, bringing one-third down and 17 sharks from Southside’s own 25-yard line.

But King blew the wind off Broncos’ sails with a simple handoff that broke some tackles before racing 75 yards for a touchdown. King’s touchdown run extended the shark’s lead to 37-7, remaining 3:52 in the first half.

However, the shark handed over football to King. King broke some tackles, competing for 75 yards for a touchdown, giving the South Side a 37-7 lead and staying at 3:52 in the first half. King finished the game at 125 yards with 8 carries.

The most spectacular play

King made a big hit with Sam Houston quarterback Gavin Stout as sharks led 23-0 in the second quarter and Broncos tried to reduce the deficit before halftime. King’s stout bag also rocked the bar loosely.

King got up and found and picked up the ball that rolled back to the 20-yard line of Broncos. King returned football for a touchdown, extending the South Side lead to 30-0 and remained at 8:56 in the second quarter.

In numbers

Defensively, sharks were as dominant as in any game of the season. Southside, led by Held, King, Joshua Rodriguez and Trent Gilbert, forced four turnovers (three fumbles and one intercept) and fired Sam Houston five times. Rodriguez finished the game with 2.5 sack.

Southside handles Sam Houston to improve to 3-1 in district play | High Schools Source link Southside handles Sam Houston to improve to 3-1 in district play | High Schools

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