Southwest Airlines cancellations will continue until Monday – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-11 13:56:27 –

Southwest Airlines flights were canceled on Monday as travelers across the country were stranded due to a weekend service interruption.

According to FlightAware flight tracking Website, 363 Southwest Airlines was canceled and 869 was delayed on Monday.

NS Associated Press Dallas-based airlines have reported blaming weather and air traffic control issues for “operational challenges” in which more than 1,900 flights were canceled on Saturday and Sunday.

so TweetThe Federal Aviation Administration opposed these allegations, saying there have been no reports of traffic shortages since Friday.

The AP reported a delay shortly after Southwest Airlines’ pilot union requested federal court to block the airline’s order to vaccinate all employees with COVID-19.

The Southwest Airlines Pilot Association has refuted the allegations that they are protesting and in a statement, “We can confidently say that our pilots are not participating in formal or informal work activities. I can do it. “

“Our pilots will continue to overcome poor SWA management planning and external operational challenges and remain the most productive pilots in the world,” they said in a statement. “They continue to focus on safety, which is a top priority. SWAPA pilots are true professionals and always maintain the highest level of responsibility to their crew, passengers and our airlines.”

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