Southwest passenger accused of assaulting flight attendant banned – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-05-27 21:22:42 –

The incident, captured in a video by another passenger, occurred on Sunday morning shortly after a plane from Sacramento landed in San Diego.

Dallas — Southwest Airlines bans women from entering Suspected of hitting a flight attendant’s face last weekend In the case emphasized Recent increase in uncontrollable passengers..

An airline executive announced a ban on Thursday in a message to employees.

The incident occurred shortly after a plane from Sacramento, California landed in San Diego on Sunday morning. San Diego Port Police arrested Vyvianna Quinonez, 28, and charged him with a felony charge.

According to the airline, passengers ignored the flight attendants’ instructions and assaulted them. A short video posted by another person on board shows a woman hitting a flight attendant and a male passenger intervening to stop the attack.

Police said on Thursday that Kinones weighed 5 feet 5 and 175 pounds and flight attendants were “seriously injured.”

Sonya Lacoa, vice president of in-flight operations at Southwest Airlines, told flight attendants that the airline has a permanent ban on passengers. I have been notified not to use it. “

A Dallas-based airline has not disclosed the names of flight attendants who were treated at a San Diego hospital and released. Lacore said she had contacted her and said, “We will continue to provide her with the support she needs.”

The union’s chairman, Lynn Montgomery, cited the incident this week and lobbyed to respond more strongly in the event of passenger turmoil and to set up more Federal Air Marshal Service on board. Asked the airline to do the activity.

Southwest passenger accused of assaulting flight attendant banned Source link Southwest passenger accused of assaulting flight attendant banned

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