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Barry Hatton and Alicia Len, Associated Press

Madrid — The Spanish post office is reluctant to try to emphasize racial inequality.

This week, the state-owned Koleos Espana issued four stamps with different shades of skin. The darker the color of the seal, the lower the price. The price of the brightest color is € 1.60 ($ 1.95). The darkest is € 0.70 ($ 0.85).

The post office called them “equality stamps” and introduced them on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by police officers in Minneapolis. The stamp “reflects an unfair and painful reality that should not be allowed,” and all letters and parcels sent with them “send a message about racial inequality.”

The campaign was launched during the European Diversity Month in collaboration with Spain’s national SOS Racist Federation, a non-profit organization, with a 60-second video with Spanish hip-hop star and activist El Chozin. Was featured.

However, while Koleos Espana’s goal was to “light up racial inequality and promote the right to diversity, inclusion and equality,” critics said the company listened to racial issues. He accuses him of misunderstanding the feelings of black people in Spain.

Historian Antumi Toashije, who heads the government’s Council for the Elimination of Racism or Ethnic Discrimination, has called on the post office to stop selling stamps.

“Campaigns that infuriate those who claim to defend are always wrong,” he tweeted.

The main thrust of public criticism was to give the impression that dark stamps are less valuable and lighter skin tones are more valuable.

Moha Guerehou, a 28-year-old Spanish writer and former president of SOS Rasismo Madrid, said it was an “insurmountable contradiction.”

“After all, the anti-racist campaign is clearly sending a racist message,” Gerehou told The Associated Press on Friday.

He applied this controversy to what he considers to be structural racism in Spain. “Everything is connected,” he said.

Correos España said he would not comment on the dispute.

The Japan Post initiative has divided Spanish anti-racist activists. The SOS Racist Federation across the country supported it, but the Madrid division of the organization despised the effort.

SOS Racismo Madrid said the campaign would help hide the structural nature of racism and perpetuate the concept of black inferiority complex.

He added that anyone who was racist could have identified what was wrong with the campaign and proved that more racist people were needed for corporate decision-making. ..

Spain criticized for unequally priced “equality stamps” Source link Spain criticized for unequally priced “equality stamps”

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