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Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System first hospital facility in SC to be named to ‘SAFE’ Designation System – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanberg, South Carolina (WSPA) – In the event of an unforeseen event, a trained medical professional from the Spartanberg Regional Medical System will provide assistance and support.

That’s what they’ve been doing for many years. Today, the healthcare system is working with other state agencies to remind patients that assistance is available across the patient’s door.

The Acute Hospital in the Spartamberg region was the first in South Carolina to be accredited for the sexual assault forensic excellence (SAFE) designation system.

“Today is a big step for us. We met the first hospital facility to reach SAFE designation,” said Sabrina Gusto, head of state-wide forensic nurses at the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network.

The Sparthamberg Medical Center, Sparthamberg Medical Center – Mary Black Campus, Cherokee Medical Center, Union Medical Center, and Pelham Medical Center emergency departments have been designated as part of the designated system. It is accredited by hospitals, communities and other institutions that support victims of sexual assault.

“We wanted to be able to say that this hospital would see patients who couldn’t turn their backs. Amanda Brown, State-wide Forensic Nurse Examiner Program Coordinator for the South Carolina Victim Assistance Network, said. , Says:

The Spartan Burg Community Health System works with the Attorney General’s Office, South Carolina Law Enforcement Department (SLED), South Carolina Victim Assistance Network (SCVAN), and other trained professionals to create the darkest moments for patients. We are supporting.

“The forensic nursing team here in the Spartan Burg area examines patients after they appear due to sexual assault or domestic violence. More than 600 people annually at all facilities in Sparthamberg, Cerokee and Union County. Patients are being examined, “said Jennifer Combs, Sparthamberg Regional Forensic Nurse Coordinator.

The new designation is intended to reassure patients that they will receive the care they need at any Spartanberg community health facility.

“Spartanberg, Cherokee and Union County all have a place where they can go somewhere and get extraordinary trauma care whenever a victim comes in,” Brown said.

“Once you get here, you are our only patient. When we leave here to spend as much time as necessary to take care of you and ensure the best possible results. Lets you know what you can do, “Combs said.

Accreditation is a reminder that someone will lead the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to recovery.

“We have always taken care of patients in a traumatic way. Right now we are admitted and know that patients will receive their treatment before arriving at this hospital. Let’s do it, “says Combs.

According to forensic nurses, evidence can take up to 4 days from sexual assault. A nurse will help you when you visit one of the emergency departments of Spartan Berg Regional Healthcare.

If you are in imminent risk, call 911.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System first hospital facility in SC to be named to ‘SAFE’ Designation System Source link Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System first hospital facility in SC to be named to ‘SAFE’ Designation System

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