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Spartanburg School District 5 moves forward with bond referendum – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-08-24 21:38:43 –

Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – Spartanburg School District 5 is conducting a referendum on public debt, which they say will help fund a significant increase in school district enrollment and impact on schools and institutions. increase.

“If you’re in the area and in this community, you’ve seen growth,” said Dr. Randall Gary, director of Spartanberg School District 5. “We are bursting at the seam.”

It’s hard to hide the growth that’s happening in the Spartan 5th district.

“You can see the fragmentation happening everywhere,” said Dr. Gary. “If you’ve ever driven a freeway or trail, you’ve probably seen morning dismissals and traffic on arrival.”

And when it comes to admission, the school district said they see the highest number in their history.

As of Monday, nearly 9,800 students are enrolled in schools in District 5.

“From the end of school last year to yesterday, we grew up with more than 700 students,” Gary said. “We are arguably the fastest growing district in the county and probably one of the fastest growing districts in the state.

But all of this growth has hit schools and buildings in the district, and some have to rely on portable classrooms.

“It hasn’t negatively impacted the size of our class yet, but when it comes to space and capacity, it’s really becoming a challenge,” said Dr. Gary.

Expecting the district to have 11,000 students by 2025 does not help.

“We know that by 2024-25, 10 out of 12 schools will exceed capacity if we don’t do anything to cope with that growth,” Gary said. ..

Therefore, the district will vote for voters in a referendum on public debt in November.

The good news is: The referendum does not increase taxes for taxpayers in District 5.

Instead, unless the voter approves, the district asks the voter for permission to borrow beyond the South Carolina debt limit.

“We will help the growth of the community pay for this. Moreover, if our mills spread it over 20-25 years, this without an increase. We are at the point where we can pay for the project, “Gary said.

If the referendum is passed, District 5 will support the construction of two new schools (elementary and secondary) while refurbishing and adding existing campuses such as Welford Academy, Reedville Elementary School and Burns High School. You can borrow money for it.

“There is no doubt that this community will continue to grow. There are many great things to do. The work is here, the family is moving and we have a great school,” Gary said. “People know about schools in Spartanburg District 5, and we’re glad they want to be here, but we’re ready for that growth when they arrive. I want to make sure I’m ready. “

The District 5 Board unanimously voted to add a referendum question to the November 2 general election ballot on Monday night.

If approved, the district stated that its goal was to enter the new facility by 2024-25.

For more information on the referendum, click here..

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