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Spartanburg school district bringing the holidays to students’ homes – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2020-11-19 19:01:40 –

Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA)-State schools have done a lot to care for pandemic students. As the holidays approach, Spartanberg District 3 goes one step further by bringing holidays to the homes of those in need.

When Covid-19 forced students to study online, it had a huge impact on Spartanberg’s family.

“Covid has influenced a great many people in the Spartanburg region and around the world,” said Christine Palacios, director of dining services in District 3.

She said it not only kept the students away from the classroom, but also took away the cafeteria, which was a free meal twice a day for them.

However, Palacios decided not to prevent the virus from interfering with food delivery and launched a take-out meal kit system to prevent children from becoming hungry.

“There are basically seven days of breakfast, seven days of lunch, and five meals,” says Palacios.

There was concern that Thanksgiving was approaching and we might not be able to eat Thanksgiving.

However, District 3 has been strengthened again.

“We are making a special meal kit with Thanksgiving favorites,” Palacios said. “So we have turkey, we have stuffing, sweet potato souffle, all the favorites that kids love.”

After discussing with his parents, Jermaine Green, assistant vice-principal at Bloom High School, says he knows that this will remove a lot of pressure that may be felt during this time.

“There are a lot of people who are grateful, so please let us know by expressing your gratitude. Let us know that we are grateful for the efforts we are making to nourish our students and children. That’s one less thing they have to worry about and worry about, “Green said.

District 3 said the holiday meal program wouldn’t stop at Thanksgiving breaks.

When students go out for Christmas, they will do the same.

Click here to register for a holiday meal in District 3.

Spartanburg school district bringing the holidays to students’ homes Source link Spartanburg school district bringing the holidays to students’ homes

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