Spectators now allowed at Oahu outdoor sporting events – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-17 23:22:00 –

Audiences can once again see family and friends playing outdoor sports as bystanders. There is no doubt that the restrictions on COVID-19 will be relaxed and will please parents who have been driven into cars trying to get a glimpse of their children playing sports. Like soccer or baseball.

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi and Governor David Ige made their announcement this afternoon following complaints from their parents and US Senator Brian Schatz. Relaxation of restrictions on spectators applies only to Oahu.

“Outdoor sports run for two incubation periods and I don’t think there are any cases related to these activities,” Branjardi said in a press release. “The next logical step is to allow the spectators, as participants are allowed to return to play and have been done safely.”

Audiences are required to wear masks, even if they are within 6 feet of non-family members. Groups cannot exceed 10 people and are prohibited from socializing or bringing in court or outdoors before and after the activity.

“I know how important this step is for young athletes, parents, and their family and friends,” Ige said in a statement. “People believe they know what the rules are and follow them to keep their loved ones safe and allow us to resume this kind of long-awaited activity.”

US Senator Brian Schatz last week I sent a letter to Ige Parents urged him to lift restrictions on youth sporting events, including rules prohibiting children from watching children play outdoor games.

“We already allow beach gatherings, bar gatherings and other outdoor activities, but we see parents and guardians watching their kids play sports outdoors in the sun and outdoors. Is mysterious, “Shats wrote.

Schatz also urged the governor to reassess the ban on youth surfing and outrigger canoe racing, although the governor has not yet announced any changes.

In a statement following today’s announcement, Schatz called it “great news for families and public health.”

“Exercise outdoors is the healthiest thing you can do with or without a pandemic. And watching your child play sports is one of the great joys of life. Many families. Thank you for this change, “Schatz said. “We look forward to additional announcements about ocean sports.”

Spectators now allowed at Oahu outdoor sporting events Source link Spectators now allowed at Oahu outdoor sporting events

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