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Tampa, Florida 2021-07-21 20:28:56 –

With a $ 26 billion reconciliation for opioid victims imminent, some public health experts missed a 1998 deal with a tobacco company to runaway government spending and save more lives. It is quoted as a warning of that.

Only a small portion of tobacco payments in excess of $ 200 billion are aimed at preventing smoking in many states and helping people quit smoking. Instead, much of the money helps balance the state budget, lay fiber optic cables, and repair roads.

And while the reconciliation was successful in many ways, smoking rates fell significantly. Tobacco is not yet He blamed the deaths of more than 480,000 Americans annually.

Bradley D. Stein, director of the RAND Corporation’s Opioid Policy Center, said: “And I think it’s important to use opioid settlements wisely.”

State and local lawyers and businesses provided important details of the settlement on Wednesday, saying there were provisions to ensure that money was used as intended.

The deal requires pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to pay up to $ 5 billion in addition to the billions of dollars from major domestic drug distributors. AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health will each donate $ 6.4 billion. McKesson is due to pay $ 7.9 billion.

Nearly $ 2 billion in funding will be reserved for private lawyers hired by the government to file proceedings against the industry. The state Attorney General’s office can also hold some of the money.

The state has already settled with the company, but has 30 days to approve the contract, except in West Virginia, where you can receive more through the deal. The local government will then sign on within 4 months.

Spend opioid settlement funds on fighting opioids Source link Spend opioid settlement funds on fighting opioids

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