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Milwaukee doesn’t run out of beer gardens, it’s for sure. Some are traveling, some are sponsored by a German beer company, while others simply have stunning views. The Bayview South Shore Terrace is the answer to all of your outdoor drinking and dining. Originally a bathhouse in the 1930s, it is now also used as a popular wedding hall on the second floor, which is one of the city’s finest kitchens and beer gardens, with indoor and outdoor seating.

Sponsored by Mirror Brewing, it offers more than just beer. There are several wine varieties and some craft cocktails that suit the weather of the day. Being part of South Shore Park, it belongs to the Milwaukee Parks Association. This means you can take your sponsored glass home as a discounted drink at any time during the season. Moreover, in reality, there are delicious dishes that go beyond typical pretzels and beer cheese.

Now that I officially live in Bayview, the South Shore Terrace drinks and chews with my dog, meets new neighbors, and views the beautiful skyline of Milwaukee, which is completely against Lake Michigan. The perfect place for. And it must be yours too.

It was Mother’s Day, and she actually requested me to go here, not me. We’ve been there before and really like being able to take my dog ​​with us when we eat. I haven’t found many places with such dog-friendly outdoor dining, but I think it has something to do with it. We may hope that Milwaukee will be more like Miami and will take the dog to the restaurant at any time of the day. I deviate.

Whether it’s hamburger meat

I didn’t feel like drinking today, so instead I took regular beer and wine orders for spreader root beer. The menu seems to change a bit from summer to summer, but overall it’s consistent. My mother got a black and blue burger. I got the ultimate (also known as meatless) burger, and my dog ​​got a hot dog. I chose the side salad because I knew I was eating french fries for my dog. All dishes were a hit! And while it’s the perfect amount of food to fill you up, there’s room for beer if you have it. In addition, Sidewinder Fly is something everyone loves, whether it’s kids, adults, vegetarians, or vegans.

Sit by the fire in a designated beer garden area adorned with memorable mirror murals, sit in front of a picnic table facing the lake, bring your own picnic setup and post it on the lawn You can do it. It’s really about choosing a place like your own adventure.

What’s even more fun about this place is that different people can enjoy the outdoors in their own way, such as boating, kite flying, walking dogs, playing in the playground, running, exercising, drinking beer, gathering with friends, or just having fun. I’m having fun. in. Spend the summer on the South Shore Terrace in a way that suits you.

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