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Riverside, California 2021-07-20 21:30:21 –

The city is currently planning to completely replace the road from SPID to Alameda Street.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The city of Corpus Christi is beginning to lay the groundwork for another huge project. This time it will be on the other side of Everheart Road. South Padre Island Drive and McCardle Road are about to be repaved.

The good news for us driving up and down Everhart Road is that the city will completely replace the road from SPID to Alameda Street.

“We chose the same engineer for the two Bond 2020 projects from McCardle to Alameda,” said engineering director Jeff Edmonds. “I’m going to put it together in one big package, one construction contract.”

Everhart Road engineering work is expected to take a year to complete.

Rebuilding the road will take at least two years and can cost approximately $ 20 million, depending on the amount of underground utility work.

Next is the question of whether to use asphalt or concrete.

“We pay an additional $ 125,000 per linear mile for concrete, so if concrete is within that range, it’s representative of the maintenance savings you get with concrete,” Edmonds added.

Donna Titus hopes to grow its business over the next few years. She has eight employees and is currently looking for a designer at a florist. She owns Always in Bloom and is located on Everhart Road near SPID.

When I talked about the city’s plan to dismantle the road before the project, I was happy to hear that the road would be improved, but I was worried that many people would not be able to stop by. Of that structure.

“Walk-in traffic probably doesn’t exist, but COVID closed my store,” Titus said. “I didn’t include employees and real people to protect them.”

Titus said her business was able to survive despite COVID. She believes she can stay up and running during the two-year construction project. It is a work that creates a brand new Ever Heart Road.

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