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Lindsey Young

The Vikings are sitting in a good position towards the second day of the 2021 NFL draft.

Minnesota worked on Christian Dariso at Virginia Tech on Thursday night, and thanks to the trade-down from 14th to 23rd, Rick Spielman General Manager Flexible enough Next 2 days.

Spielman joined Paul Allen of “Voice of Vikings” on KFAN Friday from 9am to noon on a variety of topics, including thoughts on Dariso, tough off-season travel schedules, and the team’s approach to college free agents. talked.

An important topic of focus was also the amount of draft capital that Minnesota could use to move to Round 2 and load into Round 3.

Last night’s deal may have tested the patience of fans and Spillman’s daughter as well, but “she rushed home after the 14th pick last night and said,” Why does Dad always do that? ” Is that very frustrating? ” “-This move allowed the Vikings to add two more third round picks.

2021 Minnesota Viking Draft Topic Gives Flexibility to 4 Pick Vikings in Round 3 Viking Technology, Trust, and Trade Partial Landing in Day 2 Christian Dariso Viking Jets in Round 1 of 2021 NFL Draft Trade down

Currently, the Vikings are planning to make 4 picks in the 3rd round (No. 66, 78, 86, 90) and 3 picks in the 4th round (119, 125, 134). Adding it to the two 5th rounds (157 and 168) and the 6th round spot (199) gives Spillman a total of 10 options.

But whether the Vikings trade up or go to town on Friday night, Spillman is confident in the depth of the players remaining on the board.

“By doing four-thirds and a second pick in the third round, we have the opportunity to do some things if we choose,” Spillman told Allen. “But I also know the depth of this draft. The sweet spot of this draft is in the range of rounds 3 and 4 with lots of talented soccer players. Today we can help our team. I think you can. “”

Spilman elaborated on the “sweet spot” descriptor, dropping off further this year as the COVID-19 pandemic and many players who may have participated in the draft in the past chose another season for college balls. Said that could occur.

According to Spielman, there are about 500 fewer players available in this year’s draft compared to previous springs.

“We need to make sure we keep the pick next year in anticipation of a very deep draft,” Spillman said. “And who knows-we did that in the past, where we took some of these additional picks and converted them to next year’s picks.

“We’ll see how everything works. Today we can move in different directions,” he added.

Spillman, who has fallen 28 times, only nine times since becoming GM before the 2012 NFL Draft, knows that sliding down always carries a risk factor.

“If you’ve been in this business long enough, you’ll be snipered. As long as I’m lucky enough to do that, if you’re doing it, who isn’t snipered in this business? No, “he said. “These are, to be honest, I was trying to trade back to make sure I could get Dariso. At some point I couldn’t achieve that. You’re just sitting there.”

Spilman said in April last year that the Vikings wanted Justin Jefferson at number 22 and sighed relief when Philadelphia chose receiver Jalen Reagor one pick ahead of Jefferson. Spilman also looked back on his first season in Minnesota when the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson the seventh overall in 2007.

“At that time, I felt that Arizona in front of me would go with me,” Spillman said. “Waiting makes me anxious. When I hear the name of the team above and it’s not your man, it feels incredible.”

On the contrary, trade-ups also cost the team-literally.

Spielman said football operations executive vice president Rob Brzezinski recalled a $ 3 million salary discrepancy that could be seen if the team moved up to grab Dariso.

“I said,’Don’t worry, Rob. You’ll understand it. It’s what you pay for,'” Spillman said.

Whatever happens in the next two days, Spielman is confident in his colleagues about making fair deals that benefit the team.

He admitted that Brzezinski and football management coordinator Taylor Young studied for hours on the history of trade and the usefulness of various trade charts. He also mentioned analysis director Scott Kuhn and his crew.

“”[They’ve] I did an incredible job.What are these point systems? I created a bucket where I want to trade inside and outside the bucket, so I think I’m using something a bit more unique. [than other teams], “Spillman explained. “Rob can type in these things, and just above our big board, it will tell you the value within seconds.

“It’s right in front of you, everything is now very automated, and it’s from our IT [department] And, as I said, everyone in this building has a group of very talented people, “continued Mr. Spillman. Take a look at the players and try to figure out if you can get them, then look at all the trade values-this is all happening at the same time and you are on time. We have a pretty good system, which makes this job fun. “

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