Spirit Airlines cancels half of Thursday’s flight

Passengers line up in LAX Terminal 5 on Tuesday morning as Spirit Airlines canceled flights 313 on Monday, canceled 40% of scheduled flights and delayed 210 flights.

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Spirit Airlines has canceled nearly 400 flights, half of Thursday’s schedule, as it seeks to end the turmoil that has plagued customers since the weekend.

The airline has blamed the combination of bad weather, staff shortages and technical issues on confusion, leading to more than 1,700 cancellations since last weekend.

Angry and confused passengers complained that they had a long wait to talk to customer service and that they had a long wait at a crowded airport.

The problem is the low cost carrier test Stride In recent years, to improve reliability and its customer service.

Spirit said the problem was exacerbated by the surge in summer travel demand. This recovered faster than the US aviation industry expected from the pandemic downturn.

According to flight tracking site FlightAware, about 80% of all flight cancellations in the United States were due to Spirit on Thursday morning.

Airlines often cancel a large number of flights to place planes and crew and to prevent further confusion that could cause employees and customers to get stuck at the airport.

In a statement Wednesday, Spirit said, “After working on yesterday’s aggressive cancellation, we will implement a more thorough restart of the network so that we can reallocate the crew more efficiently and restore the network more quickly. I did it. ” Flight cancellations will be reduced “gradually” in the next few days.

Only eight Spirit Airlines flights scheduled for Friday have been cancelled.

American Airlines Passengers faced snowballing cancellations and delays earlier this week. This stemmed from bad weather at the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport hub on Sunday. Subsequent staff shortage.. These delays were significantly eliminated on Thursday with just 43 cancellations.

Spirit Airlines cancels half of Thursday’s flight

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