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  • Tempest, now on stage at Great Lakes Theater

One of New Yorker’s favorite metaphors is a cartoon with one or two survivors on a small uninhabited island, usually a lonely palm tree protruding from the sand. The idea of ​​getting stuck far away from the rest of the world was compelling, and William Shakespeare knew it long ago when he wrote Tempest. It’s playful, music, and a happy ending for everyone.

Aged Prospero and his teenage daughter Miranda were banished to an island where only Caliban, a spirit and monster named Ariel, hangs. To make matters worse, all four are in various states of anger. Prospero himself was banished after being banished as the Duchy of Milan by his brother Antonio, who attempted a plot.

Meanwhile, his coming-of-age daughter Miranda feels cheerful and is stuck on a rock with only Dad for the company, Ariel wants to release his airy self. , And Caliban, the real witch’s son, claims that he is the legitimate owner of the island given to him by his mom. But because Prospero can use the magical powers provided by his cloak and his collection of books to induce sleep, cause pain, and tinker with the power of nature as he wishes. , They can’t do much about their various frustrations.

Prospero was keen to take revenge on his enemies, sending Ariel out to create a storm and destroying a ship passing by on his way to Italy. The passengers on that ship happen to include Antonio (David Anthony Smith). Queen Alonso of Naples (Jessica D. Williams) and her counselor Gonzalo (Lisate Hero). Of course, Ariel bids for his master and all the persecutors of Prospero are properly dumped on his lawn.

However, Prospero’s revenge plan becomes pear-shaped when Miranda meets Alonso’s stubborn son Ferdinand, who wanders away from the beach from other survivors. The two young men close their eyes, and that’s clearly not all they keep in mind. That’s just the beginning of complications until everything is resolved with significantly fewer corpses, especially given the normal personnel of old Will, especially when revenge is on the menu.

In this lively work at the Great Lakes Theater, director Sara Bruner grabs the material from her neck, reverses some genders, and creates a delicious story enhanced by music, dance, and some great performances. ..

Outstanding cast prominent figures include Joe Wegner’s Ariel. Ariel of Joe Wegner is flying around like a teenager hugging a 6-pack of Redline Extreme. In the role of love-beaten Miranda and Ferdinand, Angela Utrera and Domonique Champion create real sparks when they tango each other’s hormones.

Nick Steen makes his caliban a compelling but empathetic monster without the overkill make-up tricks often used for this character. And like the drunken sailors Trinculo and Stafano from the ship, Jody Dominique and Gillian Kates swallow more than they spill, working with Caliban to lick their feet with gratitude.

In Prospero’s central role, Aled Davis invests his character in a fierce resignation air, showing how his desire for revenge turns into compassion and compassion, and ultimately his cloak and his magical powers. Set aside to regain his legitimate role as Duke.

For some, the arc of Prospero in this play reflects the imminent departure of the playwright’s own theatrical activity from the “island.” In any case, this Tempest has succeeded in fully satisfying and completely entertaining the audience, despite the scenic design of the mixed bag. The stage is dominated by a large band of parachute fabric that looks great in stormy scenes and several other times. But in calm moments, those cloth folds look like a lot of gray laundry that someone needs to iron.

As we slowly get out of our pandemic storm, we can be grateful that we still have a connection with the bard. Thanks to GLT, Ohio Shakespeare Festival, Cleveland Playhouse / CWRU MFA Program (12 nights in production until October 23), and Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, you can relive the spectacular words of old Will in a live performance. increase. .. It’s not a small thing.

Until November 7, Hannah Theater’s Great Lakes Theater, Playhouse Square, 2067 E. 14th Street, 216-241-6000,

Spirits, Monsters and Magic — Great Lakes Theater Has a Fierce and Fun ‘Tempest’ Source link Spirits, Monsters and Magic — Great Lakes Theater Has a Fierce and Fun ‘Tempest’

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