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Sports betting bills begin in earnest | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-05-04 18:40:00 –

Efforts to elaborate on how Louisiana residents will bet on sporting events in the future will begin in earnest on Wednesday when the House of Representatives votes for taxes and fees associated with sports betting.

Meanwhile, Senate sponsors rewrote a 40-page bill on Tuesday that sets out legal definitions, betting requirements, and process issues such as whether betting can be made on fixed sites or using mobile phones. It was.

For weeks, other lawmakers and industry representatives said, “We were still working on it until last night,” said Page Cortez, the state senator chairman of the Lafayette Republican Party, who sponsors the Senate legislation. He said he was considering the details.He is on the Senate Judiciary B Committee Amendment as an alternative to the Senate bill 202 And postpone the hearing for another week.

Procedurally, alternative bills should be referenced in House building 697, This shows the amount the provider has to pay for the fee and the amount of tax charged. So Cortez took it before the committee on Tuesday.

Sponsored by Crawley Republican John Stefanski, the HB697 will be voted on by Full House on Wednesday. To pass the Senate requires a majority of two-thirds of 70 out of 105 representatives, and 20 out of 39 Senators for legislative approval. Cortez said he would like to retain his structural bill if it passed the Judiciary B Committee until the funding measures passed the Senate. He added that if HB697 didn’t get two-thirds of the votes, his structural form of law wasn’t really important.

Parliamentarians must pass through both chambers until the end of the session at 6 pm on June 10.

Fifty-five voters out of the 64 parishes of the state approved in November allowed residents of these parishes to place bets on soccer, basketball and other sports. The next step is to understand how the state works.

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Two out of three Louisiana voters supported sports betting on election day, but the money raised for state services will probably work …

Louisiana is already a few years behind competitors like Mississippi when it comes to sports betting. Meanwhile, the legislatures of Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, and several other states have passed legislation to bet on sports and do so in their jurisdiction. According to ESPN, half of the 50 states and the District of Columbia have legalized sports betting since 2018 after the US Supreme Court granted state involvement.

Even if both the Stefanski and Cortez bills are passed and signed, sports betting will probably not actually start until next year’s Super Bowl. Anyone who decides to allow Congress to process bets on sporting events must start a business based on what Congress ultimately designs.

Louisiana has 13 riverboat casinos currently allowed to land, a land casino in New Orleans, and 4 racinos. These are slot machines and table games in commercial casinos, but in racetracks. In addition, video poker is permitted at many truck stops and bars in the state.

Republican Senator Ronny Johns, who has three of the state’s largest casinos in the Lake Charles-based district, said:

Gary Smith, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary B Committee of R-Norco, said:

Thirty years ago, Louisiana entered the era of modern gambling when voters approved the lottery as a way to offset fallout …

Sports betting bills begin in earnest | Legislature Source link Sports betting bills begin in earnest | Legislature

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