Spring Hill woman shot dogs more than 170 times with BB gun – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2022-05-11 18:15:31 –

Spring Hill, Florida-The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) arrested a woman for worsening animal cruelty after a neighbor reported shooting a dog with BB gun in April. Number of times.

Jamie Lynn Kujawa, 37, was arrested on Tuesday for multiple charges of animal cruelty that was exacerbated by felony.

The investigation into Kujawa began on April 19 after a neighbor reported hearing that “the dog barked after the BB gun was fired.”

According to HCSO, Kujawa told animal bailiffs that he did not own BB gun.

While checking the three dogs in Kujawa, the animal bailiff saw various injuries and horrors on their paws and paws. They said one of the dogs was in worse condition and “had a lot of fresh puncture wounds on their paws and legs.”

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

When asked, Kujawa said the dog had been in a fight lately.

Prior to leaving, the animal bailiff told Kuajwa to vaccinate her dog because she could not provide evidence of vaccination, and that the dog was checked by a veterinarian for their injuries. Said there are 10 days to provide proof.

The HCSO said the following week, animal bailiffs regularly checked the dog’s condition.

On April 28, Kujawa called the HCSO and told him that he needed information on the county owner’s surrender policy because it was not economically feasible to take the dog to a veterinarian.


Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

Five days later, Kujawa handed over two of the three dogs to Hernando County Animal Service.

On May 6, lead pellets were removed from the right foot of a dog during a detailed examination by a veterinarian at the Hernando County Animal Service.

Three days later, both dogs were sent to a local veterinarian for an x-ray examination.

According to HCSO, the first radiograph of the dog found about 61 BBs and 19 lead pellets on the dog’s legs, torso, and entire head. They said radiographs of the second dog confirmed about 71 BB and 22 lead pellets.


Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

“The investigation revealed that Kujawa shot a dog with a gas-powered BB gun as he tried to dig under the fence and leave the yard,” HCSO said. Told. “Kujawa advised that he had been shooting dogs for about two months.”

After the arrest of Kujawa, other animals in her home were taken away, including a third dog, three cats, ferrets, and birds.

HCSO said investigations into the condition of these animals are currently under investigation.

Spring Hill woman shot dogs more than 170 times with BB gun Source link Spring Hill woman shot dogs more than 170 times with BB gun

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