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Spring Weather Week: Wildfire prevention – Valley Stream, New York

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Spartanburg, South Carolina (WSPA) – The South Carolina Forestry Commission has stated that the state has 3,000 to 5,000 wildfires annually.

“The peak months of wildfires in the upstate are from November to April, with March and April being the worst two months. At that time, the humidity is low and the winds are strong. In addition, many people leave. “I’m burning,” said Brad Bramlet of the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

If you plan to get burned, you should notify the Forestry Commission to ensure that the conditions are in place.

South Carolina is not known as a wildfire country, but we are looking at them. According to the SC Forest Commission, one of the biggest fires to date started with an unmanned campfire.

“In fact, this year marks the fifth anniversary of the Pinnacle Mountain Fire, which is the largest and most expensive mountain fire in South Carolina’s history,” Bramlet said.

According to Bramlett, there are ways to prevent wildfires.

“If you have a campfire, make sure there are rocks around it and make sure the area around the outside of the rock is clean,” Bramlet said. “You may not see the flame when you leave, but it may still be hot and have embers. Add water and stir before leaving and make sure the fire is extinguished before leaving.”

If the fire gets out of hand while camping, Bramlet says it’s best to call 911.

“It’s going to the nearest forestry committee and dispatch center, and they’re going to send someone there,” Bramlet said.

According to the South Carolina Forestry Commission, when it comes to protecting state-owned land, the commission actually fights fire. This is called open burning.

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